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Cybertech: Where are the Tanking Mods?

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Cybertech: Where are the Tanking Mods?

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01.23.2012 , 01:14 AM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by Litefire View Post
Oh i agree, that's why i used my commendations to just buy the tanking mods and armoring.
Except that a few planets don't even have Tanking mods, and some have them at several levels lower than other mods that are available on the same planet.

Not being able to upgrade my own gear for leveling is frustrating. It's even worse when I can gear up everyone else EXCEPT myself.

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01.23.2012 , 02:56 AM | #52
Quote: Originally Posted by Unaki View Post
There aren't any "mods" in the game built specifically for tanking stats. They all have power on them and only increase the class-specific base stats AND endurance. There are, as of right now plenty of tank modifications (Not "mods") in this game but you don't see them until at least 30.
How do these statements go together? Well, they don't. There are tanking modifications indeed, but none of them can be crafted.

Crafting mods are also on par with planet commendation mods of the same level so that argument is moot as well.
Doesn't help, though, if there are no modifications with tanking stats. As in +Defense or +Shield.

And finally the whole RE to make different types of items doesn't work as a "RE this three times, get three different blue recipes" and instead requires a specific green to be RE'd. On the mods that actually do anything to your secondary stats for your role, they always come out the same so building greens to RE after the first blue is learned becomes pointless. A tanking item will turn into a Redoubt blue item then into the purple equivalent to Redoubt (Veracity at 50). Again, the Redoubt, critical, etc items come from items that already have the specific stats on them for that role. Proof is in the game itself, go do it.
Now this is complete nonsense. There is no "redoubt" with mods. There are only better stats. So if you don't have tanking stats on the base green modification, you will never get it after RE'ing.

If you have no clue, trying to be less patronizing will be nice.

Misinformation is strong with these people.
You are the misinformer. Because all you said was plain wrong.

As of now, if you want tanking equipment, you will not get it from Cybertech, but from Armormechs and Synthweavers only (and from Enhancements and Augments). This is the current state of affairs. Which is fine with me, so Armormech and Synthweaving have a nice niche for them.

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01.23.2012 , 05:19 AM | #53
Quote: Originally Posted by Elblai View Post
Except that a few planets don't even have Tanking mods, and some have them at several levels lower than other mods that are available on the same planet.

Not being able to upgrade my own gear for leveling is frustrating. It's even worse when I can gear up everyone else EXCEPT myself.
True, but what i found was I just used the dps armoring and mods until i could buy the guardian armoring(around level 25). I think at lvlish 300 cybertech and lvl 30 something you can finally craft your own guardian armoring.

The mods i just used DPS ones, it did help i had an artificer and synth weaver who filled my offslots with def/shild gear/enhancements, while i provided them with mods and armoring, and earpieces. My view was if i have enough HP and DPS to kill it before it kills me, then it's fine for leveling. When i hit 50 i used the belsavas coms and the correlia coms to buy the blue tanking mods from the vendor on the fleet. And then it was off to Belsavas for the dailies.

At lvl 50 as a Immortal Jugg having to do dailies to get the tanking mods is annoying. But 9 days later i had all the tanking mods i will need and when i replace gear, i'll just pull the mod out(20k credits to remove) and put it the new piece of gear(if it's modable)

is it a glaring oversight? Yes
is it annoying? Yes
Can you make do while leveling with dps mods and armoring? Absolutely, again this isnt bioware should ignore this, it's just make do with what ya got for the time being while we grouse about it on the forums.

keep your shield generator up to your level(+-5lvls) with a blue or a purple, and make sure to keep your guardian hilt up to date(+-5lvls), and your LS crystal as the max stam you can, and level with other guildies(it'll make your life easier)
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02.16.2013 , 06:29 AM | #54
Ok i have a few 50's now and leveled Tank to 50 twice. Leveled healer to 50 and DPS's to 50.

Yes there are Tanking Mods Defense and Absorb ones. Two types of defense mods one low defense one high Defense. But these arent readily obtainable to gear you up ready for 50.

Below 30 there are Guardian Mods and Armouring's but they all seem uncraftable. I've had to gear each Tank in DPS gear which for all intense purposes help you to solo. But you are far too squishy as a tank for Heroics whilst leveling.

The purchaseable ones are what i have to get and this takes far more time farming planet commendations. Compare this to being able to fully gear up a Healer or DPS in Artifact Mods Armouring and Enhancement to a Tank of the same level you'll start to notice, Why No Tank Mods low level is bad. Now when you get higher This becomes a serious problem. After 30 yes you can then start crafting Guardian Mods and Armouring but you do still lack the additional stat bonus on mods. Enhancements start to help to but this doesnt fix it completely, the good enhancements start at 40+. But you still lack the defense Mods which are in game.(Small example of a 26 mod which gives 41 Defense, lower mods of this type would easily fix gearing up issue's with tanks)

Here is why No matter if your Light or a heavy Tank you are so squishy when you turn 50(i have not felt like a tank). Tanks get shouted at for many reasons. Not having the mods to get the defense needed, then you can start to use the New free Tionesse commendations to get the shield and absorb fixed (as much as you can from tionesse modifcations), so you become less squishy and easier to keep up by healers.

It's taken me many months to fix stat inbalance, i origionally geared up tank before Tionesse commendations were given freely. I'm not even full Black Hole and my stats are perfectly balanced now. 25 50 50 etc.

Honestly Tank Modifcations and Armouring need to be readily available to craft because it really does create an inbalance between dps/healer to Tank classes who can get balanced stats as they level. For healers who can readily stack power like DPS can for bigger heals and more damage. I've seen non tionesse geared dps and healers do better than a brand new tionesse Tank. They don't normally have better skills but they can function alot better. Because there mods amouring and enhancements start really low.

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06.29.2013 , 10:03 PM | #55
You guys go on and on about crafting, yes its wrong they don't have tanking mods for you, but the highest guardian mod that can be bought from a vendor is 13, which is around like 27-ish after that, no more tanks mods, period.
I checked every vendor from commissions 30-47, every single mod I have encountered has like 26str and 8end or has other stats I don't need, same thing from quest rewards. there is no mod past in existence that has more endurance than strength past lvl 30, for anyone, and even if there might be one or two from group instances, that's only one or two and I would need about 7 or 8, just for myself not including my companions

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06.30.2013 , 05:12 AM | #56
For Cybertech, the Mod progression makes perfect sense.

Crafted Mods from level 9 to level 29 (Mod 2 to Mod 12) have just Endurance and a Main Stat on them.

From level 33 to level 49 (Mod 14 to Mod 22) the crafted mods have End and Main Stat plus either Crit or Power. At level 49 the tertiary stat is only +5 for green mods, +7 for blue, and +8 purple.

Starting at level 50, you start getting Cybertech mods for tanking. These are Deflecting, Elusive, Reinforced, Resilient, Robust and Weighted by name.

Prior to level 50, you don't really need those tertiary stats on Cybertech Mods. You can quite easily tank FP's without them and because you tend to scream through the lower levels it would be rather pointless to have the full boat of 14 mod types for each Mod tier from 2 to 22.

This is especially true when you consider the tertiary jump from +5 points at 49 to +20 points at 50. This is because the higher level you are, the more points you need to reach the "optimal" amount of a tertiary stat. Below 50 you simply don't need to have the kind of Defense, Absorption and Shield rating that you do from 50 on.

As I leveled my tank, I simply used Power mods in order to make my attacks hit harder and build up more threat. I didn't even think about any other Tertiary stat because I was doing just fine without it.

In Artifice, you start seeing defensive Enhancements much earlier. Starting at level 27 (Enhancement 11) you start seeing Absorption (Rigor and Absorb) and Defense Rating (Defense) Enhancements. At level 39 (Enhancement 17) you start seeing Shield Rating (Immunity).

The need for the defensive tertiary stats for tanking is balanced by when they are available. You don't need end-game percentages of these tertiary stats until end-game. I've done just fine leveling a Guardian tank with what is available and without using augments. It wasn't until I hit 50 that it became important to reach the desired defensive percentages and then only when running HM flashpoints.
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