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Slowly losing faith in you Bioware

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Slowly losing faith in you Bioware

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12.14.2011 , 02:35 PM | #1
Stopped sending waves by 3pm EST again?!?!? This makes no sense..most other launches had people working throughout the day to get people in. (and yes those launches were smooth)

Yesterday the server pops stayed light majority of the time and were nearly empty (hence the exploit we've been seeing). I was up pretty late and the server populations stayed pretty low for the most part. Lots of complaints from players about how empty the servers seemed (remember its instanced). You could have easily tripped the amount of people you let in yesterday, and looking at server pop now at least DOUBLED it today.

I'm not mad because I'm not playing, I'm just mad that I cant login and save my names now which will be gone by the time I can get in game. It's the only reason I pre-order. I understand the staggered waves and why you're doing it. But you're being too cautious the servers aren't even being stressed. At this point you're just rewarding those who pre-ordered sooner...which was never originally part of the Pre-Order package.

This definitely could have been done a lot better. What one of the following is a worse issue for you Bioware: Having hundreds of thousands of frustrated/pissed off PAYING customers before the game even comes out, or having to work a few extra hours in the day, open the gates a little wider and stand by IN CASE something goes wrong (which most likely won't anyway)?

Seem you chose the former, and that's poor customer relations.
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12.14.2011 , 02:39 PM | #2

We appreciate you taking the time to express your thoughts and concerns, if you would like to continue this discussion. Please feel free to join the currently existing thread discussing Early Access: This will help to keep the forums organized. Thank You!