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[FEEDBACK]Group Experiences

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01.22.2012 , 01:16 PM | #1
Posted this in another thread, thought it could use it's own thread as well for discussion as well as feedback to Bioware.

If we are talking about subjective grouping experiences, then I'll offer mine. 42 sniper that has done every dungeon except Colicoid War Game and the ones above it. Every group was me as DPS, and a friend on heals, with the remaining tank and DPS being pick ups.

Black Talon:
Almost instantly. This was just two weeks after the game came out so people are still looking for groups to run this and all I had to do was "LFM tank and DPS" and invited them less than 10 seconds later. Dungeon went smoothly. No one talked the entire time.
Interestingly this is the one dungeon I have done so far where something has been "ninja'd"; the Sith Warrior tank took my Imperial Agent chest. Why can he roll on cunning gear? Who knows.

Hammer Station, Athiss, Mandalorian Raiders:
All these took a bit longer. Around 30 minutes waiting on a tank to join (DPS got in almost instantly, which isn't a surprise). Runs were the same as Black Talon: Smooth, with little communication. Bunched these up because they were all practically the same

45 minutes to get a tank, got a little annoyed at that. Run was buggy as hell, we wiped twice, once on a broken pack and another on a broken boss mechanic. Other than that smooth. DPS we brought was actually pretty good, added him to friends list, haven't run with him since though. Probably the best example of "community" I have seen running dungeons in this game, only because all the other runs have been empty.

Boarding Party:
Ugh. Took us an hour of spamming chat on fleet looking for a damn tank. Couldn't craft, quest, or do literally anything else waiting for this. Spent another 10 minutes telling everyone which ship to go to. Run after this mess was relatively smooth, we wiped on a boss once because the other DPS refused to move out of mechanics and our healer went OOM (OOF?). No communication beyond telling the DPS he shouldn't stand in electricity.

Again, an hour spent looking for a damn tank. It's at this point that I consider rerolling Bounty Hunter Powertech. But I digress. Spend an hour looking for tank, this guy actually knows how to get to the ship, and we go in. Group proceeds as normally, we down everything on first try, no real problems. No communication

Overall Observations:
1) Tanks take awhile to find. The time it took to find one increased as I went up in level, from almost instantly for BT, to an hour or more for Boarding Party/Foundry. It's to be expected, and I don't really know any other fixes, but an LFG finder would help funnel these tanks towards groups more efficiently, if not faster.

2) No communication. Aside from telling a player not to stand in lightning, and the one dungeon where someone actually talked and we had a good time, there has been almost no communication in my Flashpoints. The common complaint I hear from the anti-LFG crowd is that all you do is blindly go through dungeons in WoW without saying anything. At this point, I don't see how groups could get quieter.

3) Group quality. Overall runs were smooth, and we have wiped I think 3 or 4 times across several dungeons. The mechanics are for the most part very easy though so that's to be expected. This also matches my experiences in WoW's dungeon finder while leveling. Most runs are smooth, with a few hairy situations. Ninja'ing is non-existent as the built in need/greed roll system prevents people from rolling on gear they can't use.

Implement dungeon finder and create a need/companion need/greed/pass feature. This will solve the two glaring problems I've had with (leveling) PVE in this game right now. Otherwise the rest of the experience has been excellent.