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For those of us who preordered very early, and have no code.

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For those of us who preordered very early, and have no code.

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12.14.2011 , 02:18 PM | #1

I preordered early like the rest of you, and redeemed straight away, however I have no code yet.

I'm not going to spam the hell out of Customer Services, why? Because the last 2 days have been a bonus. Congratulations to those who were selected, you're very lucky, and we're all very jealous!

My reason for posting is the flaming, seriously, the game isn't even officially released yet, and you're already going mental? They needed to ease us into the servers, can you imagine thousands of us in starter zones, the lag? The possibility of server crashing? Have you thought about what the team running SWTOR are going through right now? Stress testing, preparing fixes, and ontop of that, you lot whining like a bunch of kids. Please, stop the whining, yes you ordered in January 2009, noone cares, you will ultimately get into the game eventually; unlike some poor bugger who can't afford it, reads the websites getting excited but his parents can't afford to buy him the game?

Anyway, the moaning itself is probably slowing down our access since they try to respond. Please just think about what you're saying before you say it, is it going to change anything? Probably not, are they aware they have many upset customers who are behaving irrationally? of course they are. Now give them a break, and wait. It's not going to be long.
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