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Heroics flashpoints Social

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01.21.2012 , 10:09 PM | #1
Way to much has been placed on the social aspect of this game.

MMOS come with a abundance of trolls.. from 7 yrs in wow id say its something like this.

65% of paid accounts do not sit in trade general what ever chat to many "Know it alls and trolls" Sorry guys 4 days from 30 since the release date the "pros" arent pros they know nothing.. sorry to burst the bubble but 1 month in you cant know every little detail tweak etc...

The Social aspect is a waste of time, I am sick of trying to find quests to advance my levels only to find 0 quests 5 heroics 2 flash points..i have no intrest in these as i am not a raider or even a pve player.

Warzones are such a joke i refuse to even call it pvp..its all on one move on to the next while your team mates sit in a corner..

PvP in tor is a 0 of 10 questing is a 3 of 10 and the social aspect is ****! period.

Yous got about 9 days to prove to me a Pure pvp player since 2008 why i should give bioware my 15 this month instead of running a 9th toon to gladiator in warcraft.

So far this game has **** on the lore behind it..Sorry guys there was no empire prior to a new hope! none the old republic fought dissent and criminals not an army.

The last previous army was the SITH army not the imperials!

I guess it takes a geek to point out..Episode 3 Revenge of the sith Palpatine "The First Ever Galactic Empire" which was the first Empire as used in this game and 3 of 6 movies!

The Falcons all crashed in the dune sea smugglers wearing han solos clothing i mean really guys? so Han shops at the 3500 yr old store in the galaxy?

Way to much has been simply ignored, as much as yous would like to try to "not focus on the lore" you have no game with out that lore! you have no KOTOR with out that lore!

With out the novels and the movies short stories there is no old repub cause the new repub never exsisted to make way for the old to have been!

People trying to say Bio based it off of kotor are as blind as the idiots who think pandarens dont belong in warcraft!.

Pokemon pet battles 7 talent trees do not belong in wow.. Void banking transmog doesnt belong in wow!

This was my retirement from wow, how ever there is alot of work to be done to this game if it even hopes to hold the 1 million players who pay for it monthly!
"For the sith to survive we must hide in the shadows,
Become a Phantom Menace if you will - Darth Bane!

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01.22.2012 , 06:59 AM | #2
Also a 7 year WoW player here. I am on the other end of the spectrum as I only PvE and PvP never interested me much. Although I cannot speak to many comments involving PvP that the OP stated I will agree with many of his points. One slight disagreement, I do love the Heroic Quests I did while leveling up. However I will agree they shouldn't be mandatory but I also do not think they should be taken out. This is an MMO and there is an innate amount of player social interaction involved in it.

With that said I really agree with the lore comments this guy has made. I have always been far more into Fantasy then Sci-fi but even to my lack of Star Wars knowledge something seems really off. It is like Bioware is so desperate to make every character feel/act/dress like some main character from the films that they are actually taking away from the specialness of those characters. Not everyone is (or should be) Han Solo/Luke Sky Walker.

One of my biggest issues was finishing my class quest and SPOILERS AHEAD ABOUT THE INQUISITOR STORY LINE

Finding out that myself and hundreds of thousands of other players are all members of the Dark Council. What? You want to make us all Darths, fine (There seems to be a ton of those around), but every single one of us being on the Dark Council is stupid. Not only that but you did this in the Vanilla version of the game. What did you save for our character to aspire to in future Xpacs. Do we all become emperor by year 2 of SWTOR. This isn't Dragon Age. We cannot all be super special. This isn't some home console single player game, this is an MMO. If we are all the chosen hero then being called the
chosen hero" begins to lose its specialness. Keep that in mind Bioware!

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01.22.2012 , 09:45 AM | #3
What does this have to do with Flashpoints, Operations and Heroic Missions. Shouldn't you have posted this in General QQ instead? or maybe the Story and Lore forums since that seems to be your biggest beef.
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