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So what if I don't get my box on time, or at all?

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So what if I don't get my box on time, or at all?

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12.14.2011 , 01:55 PM | #1
So I've pre-ordered the collectors edition, I was unable to get it from Origin (those were sold out in a few hours) but ordered it form Best Buy, but my understanding is I have pre-game access right now but come the 20th I'll be locked out of the game till I get the physical code out of my box from best Buy, So i have to WAIT till I can schlep over to my local Best Buy, battle the crowds and get my pre-order to get access back to a game I've been playing... Ok I think that is the dumbest thin ever, but I get it.

So WHAT IF best buy dose something evil/stupid and fails to get me my collectors edition on the 20th? or WHAT IF they over sold the collectors ed

WHAT IF they don't send one to my area? What is my recourse? Do i just not ever get a collectors ed and have to make due with a retail version IF I CAN FIND IT?

I've been looking over Best buys website its hard to find any details about what the process for the 20th will be, I also don't like how we have no recourse for uninterrupted game time f we opted to pre-order a physical version of the game