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Did you know?

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01.20.2012 , 08:39 PM | #1
That in the social window, if you enter "LFG" for the location, it shows you everyone who's flagged themselves as looking for a group, regardless of which zone they're in?

Just figured this out last night, I'm sure some people on this forum already knew. Unfortunately, few people have taken the time to even discover the existing LFG tool, let alone how to actually find others with it. (When I found this out, there were all of 11 people on the Empire side of my server, during peak hours, that actually flagged themselves.)

Seriously BioWare, you've got a pretty nice system already in place and it works... now you just need to show people that it actually exists!

A couple of suggestions...
  1. Auto-flag people as LFG when they accept a mission for a flashpoint. Make SURE the UI lets them know that they're flagged so they know what just happened. (Include a check-box in the preferences to disable auto-flagging if the player prefers. Auto-flagging should be enabled by default however.)
  2. When a player is flagged, default their search location to "LFG" instead of the player's current zone.
  3. Come up with some kind of mission or tutorial or some reason to show the player a text box explaining the LFG system the first time they use it.

Again, it's a good system, it's not cross server, it allows for comments etc, but people wont use a feature they don't know is there.

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01.20.2012 , 11:43 PM | #2
What a great post and a great idea. Bravo.
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