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Slicing Tier 4 Rich Lockboxes

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Slicing Tier 4 Rich Lockboxes

vanv's Avatar

01.20.2012 , 11:23 AM | #1
I haven't seen this bad boy in weeks. Am I unlucky or is it broken?

Jerid's Avatar

01.20.2012 , 12:11 PM | #2
I'd say broken.

Looking back over my spreadsheet, I ran 30 Bountiful 4's and No Rich 4's on my Smuggler slicer the last week.

Even taking into account a period where he might not have had a high enough skill to get Rich 4's, I'd have expected he should have gotten at least 1 Rich 4.

Jerid's Avatar

01.20.2012 , 04:41 PM | #3
So has anyone Gotten a Rich 4?

That's the problem with pure RNG it's possible we both COULD have just had bad luck.

Litefire's Avatar

01.20.2012 , 05:06 PM | #4
I have, just zone back and forth from fleet to ship until you get the mission to come back up. May take a few zonings.
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Caethan's Avatar

01.20.2012 , 05:07 PM | #5
There aren't any. The only tier 4 lockbox missions (that aren't from mission items) are Moderate or Bountiful. See torhead:

PerpiTraYterr's Avatar

01.20.2012 , 05:22 PM | #6
I can confirm this, at least from my own results. I've tracked over 80 tier 4 missions and done probably around 100, and all I've ever seen is Moderate and Bountiful tier 4 lockboxes. Interestingly enough, having tracked well over 300 missions (yeah, I'm a nerd with a spreadsheet), tier 3 Moderate have given me the "best bang for the buck" results, where based on the time of the mission and involving the cost, produce the highest yield of any slicing mission in the game (roughly 18.4 cr/min).