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Need a LOT more recipes

Amdarius's Avatar

01.20.2012 , 03:27 PM | #1
The crafting system is fairly incomplete. I'm only doing a couple of tradeskills so far, but there is a huge need for somebody on this dev team to dedicate themselves to fleshing out available schematics so we can make what needs to be made:

1. There are a bunch of gaps in the various synthweaving recipes. There needs to be pieces of each type of gear (legs, chest, arms, etc) available at every 5 levels or so, minimum. Maybe every few levels. With differing stat selections so you can specialize your character in one stat or another. Right now the heavy armor at lvls 10-20 seems to be much more strength focused than endurance focused, which makes no sense for a heavy armor wearing character that wants to focus on tanking. Give players more options. You don't need to make unique looking armor for these pieces - they can look the same as the strength oriented piece, just make an equivalent endurance oriented piece. Give us more options!

2. Same thing with mods/armoring. Right now you have to go with the one at each level and take the higher stat. Why not offer 2 mods at each level stage - one each with the other stat being higher? For example, at level 15, you have a mod that gives +3 willpower, +7 endurance... and one that gives +7 willpower, +3 endurance. That way you can tailor as you see fit. And it gives players a reason to seek out crafters to get specific gear they want.

This crafting system just needs FAR more variety and customizability. Stop worrying so much about making unique looking gear at those levels and focus more on functionality. It shouldn't take that long to implement new items to flesh out these systems if you're not worried about creating new skins/textures for each one.