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01.20.2012 , 02:33 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Wycross View Post
The Biochem advice is related to the perception that it's a better end-game tradeskill. If you enjoy Armormech, you can safely disregard it.
But if you enjoy being relevant in PVP, not being extra weight on your healers in Hardmodes and Operations and like being able to make things that are useful to you, Biochem's the only option worth investing in at this time.

Armormech? Yeah, I've got a toon with 400 Armormech. Got a whole lot of schematics RE'd to purple too.

You know what I can do with that? If I could pick my nose with it, it'd be worth more than it presently is. I've gotten three Armormech schematic drops for level 50 gear out of hardmodes and, funny, they're not worth making. BOP and not as good as what running the hardmodes repeatedly has landed me for drops.

It's put a violently sour taste in my mouth every time I log onto that character to even look at it. I do nothing with it; it's worth far more to send my crew on that toon out on UT or Scavending missions and sell the proceeds than to lock them into crafting garbage I can't use and that isn't, compared to the mats that -always- sell, trying to sell anything you can make and sell with Armormech.

Level 45 and 49 purples? Sure, they're alright; people are learning pretty quick that there's not a lot of reason to BUY them though. That close to 50, why bother?

Invest in Armormech if you A) don't mind sitting on it until some future time when it (maybe) gets changed or B) don't put too much into it.

You can make blue stuff pretty easily that doesn't take a lot of effort for leveling. Don't bother trying to sell a lot of it. If you're really bound and determined to try, level 45 and 49's with augment slots can sell.

You'd be better of selling the mats you'd elsewise use to make enough purples to get a purple with an augment slot at those levels though. Think in terms of that if you sell the mats for a competetive price (your server and its market depending), you might well make as much as you would've if you'd burned through 1-infinity attempts and finally got a purple with an augment slot.

Not to mention all the mats you'll burn REing green to blue and blue to purple to burn more mats to make purples repeatedly until you get one with an augment slot.

To give you a real example out of my own tracking of things, I tallied up the mat costs for making a level 49 helmet. RE''ing is currently a no-certainty grab bag; you could get a green to RE to blue in one go. You could RE a hundred greens and never get a blue, or a hundred blues and never get a purple, or a hundred of either, get a schematic you don't want, and then get the lovely message that you already know this schematic when you're trying for the stat set you did want.

Wherein which, you get nothing.

It just isn't worth it. Even if you're having fun with it and using it to modestly gear yourself for leveling and companions, when you hit 50, you may as well throw it away.

Or, as said above, sit on it until it maybe, someday, becomes useful. That's what I'm doing.

In the meantime, I'm selling mats off that toons crew time investitures. There is nothing I can do with Armormech that even approaches the profitability of so doing.

And there's nothing I or anyone can say or do, as it is right now, to change that.

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01.20.2012 , 03:26 PM | #12
Unfortunately it's true. I have a 400 armormech and there isn't much to do at endgame. Was however extremely useful for leveling and gearing comopanions.

Biotech is really the only viable end game craft if you are a min/max player. Personally I'm going to keep armormech on my main, and my alt is doing biochem. I'll have my alt make me supplies for my main.