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Instead of lfg system

Xzenthal's Avatar

01.20.2012 , 08:01 AM | #11
You always had the option to just ignore the bad people in the future. This is why it was so good that you got to know alot more people that you either liked or dissliked.

Now wit hthis lfg tool anyone can join ninja loot or act liek **** because he/she knows it won't have any effect for that person after the group. If someoen did that before they would get banned from groups since rumour did spread.
If they implemented a lfg chat in swtor me personally would just go and do some quests or go explore while I asked in chat for a group.

But I can see we will never agree on this so better leave this discussion and see what others might think.

Brista you have a few points but I still claim a chat with people askign to joina group builds a more live world than havign people click a button join some random group without having to talk to anyone.