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The Summoner

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01.11.2012 , 07:41 AM | #1
This is a new Story Arc that I've created. I might not be updated as much as my other one but I will try to keep it updated as much as possible. For now, enjoy Chapter 1.

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01.11.2012 , 07:44 AM | #2
Chapter 1: A Jedi's Conversation with Death

As the battle raged around him, Jedi Master Jing’Mal laid dying in front of a Republic Orphanage he defended from a surprise Imperial attack. He moved very little as his eyes clouded over and slowly closed and he lost feeling in his body. It was then that he heard the voice.

“Ah, Jing’Mal…” the voice started in a cold but friendly tone. “Our meeting has been long in coming. Rise and walk with me.”

Slowly the feeling came back to Jing’Mal’s body and he rose, but when he looked around he wasn’t in front of the orphanage. Instead, he appeared to be in a green valley surrounded by high peaked mountains with clear pools of water at the base of the mountains.

Jing’Mal couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Just seconds ago he was in battle. Now he was in this heavenly place; a paradise. As he looked around, Jing’Mal’s eyes fell on a hooded figure in black. Jing’Mal reached for his lightsaber only to find that it wasn’t with him.

“What’s going on here?” Jing’Mal demanded, looking at the black robed figure. “Answer me, Sith!”

“Sith?” the robed figure almost snickered in his cold, unfriendly voice. “I am no Sith, my friend. I am ‘The Guide’, the one who helps those people who have been lost to the mortal world of the Force and joins the Netherworld.”

Jing’Mal stared in wonder at the figure. He had heard and studied about the Netherworld and had read stories of “The Guide” but he never thought he’d meet the entity. It took some time before Jing’Mal could even think of a response to what he had just heard. The only thing he could ask was the most obvious.

“So…” Jing’Mal began. “…I’m dead then? Was the orphanage saved?”

“None of them have come here,” The Guide responded. “So I can say that your mission was a success.”

Jing’Mal smiled as he started to walk towards The Guide.

“Then I can rest peacefully,” Jing’Mal stated as he extended a hand to The Guide. But The Guide turned away and started to walk.

“I did not bring you here to let you rest, Jing’Mal,” The Guide stated, his cold tone turning almost sad. “I’ve brought you here to ask for your help.”

Jing’Mal blinked, dumbfounded at The Guide’s statement as he walked to catch up with the entity.

“What…” Jing’Mal started, still in shock. “…What could I, a Jedi, do for The Guide that it cannot do itself?”

The Guide stopped and slowly knelt down on the ground, running a flesh covered hand over the grass before turning its hooded head towards Jing’Mal.

“Someone…” The Guide began with an almost scared tone in his voice. “…Is trying to summon me from the Netherworld into the mortal world.”
Jing’Mal stopped dead in his stride when The Guide spoke to him. He knelt down beside the entity and looked into its eyes.

“That’s not possible,” Jing’Mal stated. “I’ve studied all the lore available on your realm, Guide. Would I not have found the way to summon you? Or is it Sith magic?”

“Sith magic?” The Guide question asked. It rose and looked down at Jing’Mal and its voice became so cold and icy that Jing’Mal thought his real death was near him.
“It is not Sith that summons me, Jedi!” The Guide nearly yelled. “It is one of your own!!”

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01.20.2012 , 06:15 AM | #3
Chapter 2: Re-Awakening

Jing’Mal was confused by what The Guide had just told him. Someone from the Jedi Order was trying to summon The Guide from his realm into the living world? It couldn’t be. Slowly as Jing’Mal regained his sense, he looked at The Guide and shook his head in disbelief.

“I cannot believe it,” Jing’Mal stated with shaky confidence. “No one from the Jedi Order would break the laws of the Force. Especially not with that severity.”

“I only know…” The Guide began, its voice once again holding a cold but friendly tone. “…that it is no Sith that tries to summon me and that the power is that of the Light.”
Jing’Mal sat on the grass which now felt like soft needles beneath him. He felt so out of breath that it was like someone had punched him in the chest. He tried to slow his breathing, but it wasn’t working.

“They are trying to bring you back,” the Guide stated. “The orphans and their caretaker are trying to revive you. We do not have much time. Will you help me, Jing’Mal?”

He didn’t have much time to speak to The Guide. Indeed, his own breath was taken away each time he opened his mouth to talk. All he could do was nod to The Guide, a sign that he would investigate.

The Guide nodded and placed another flesh covered hand on his shoulder and whispered as Jing’Mal felt his consciousness fading in this realm.

“Thank you, my friend,” the Guide whispered as Jing’Mal fell over unconscious.

When he awoke in the real world, Jing’Mal wasn’t sure where he actually was. He remembered defending the orphanage. He remembered his conversation with The Guide. But it seemed as if he was laying on a bed looking up at a ceiling with stars and planets painted all over it. As he tried to get up he felt so much pain it was impossible not to shut his eyes and groan. But swiftly there was a gentle hand on his chest pushing him back down on the bed.

“Ay, don’t be gettin’ up,” the voice was soft and feminine. It seemed to register more with Jing’Mal than any other sensation in the room. Once he opened his eyes again he looked to see who was tending him. What he saw made him think he couldn’t imagine seeing anyone more beautiful. Her eyes were the deepest green he had ever seen and her hair was the deepest shade of red. Her skin was pale, but not fully white. Her touch was softer than a feather’s against his skin.

“Yer not well, Jedi,” the voice said. As much as he wanted to, Jing’Mal could not resist the hand that was pushing him gently back onto the bed. As he laid back and looked into her eyes, he couldn’t find any words to say. “I’ve already alerted the Jedi Order to come get ya.”

Jing’Mal felt a wave of exhaustion come over him as his eyes began to close. The only words he was able to mutter out were a soft “Thank you.” Then he was asleep.

It was several hours before Jing’Mal awoke. He was in the infirmary of the Jedi Temple. He knew he wasn’t dreaming. The Guide and that woman were real. He slowly made his way out of the bed he was in. Jing’Mal noticed his dual bladed lightsaber resting on the table beside him. Taking the lightsaber, Jing’Mal placed it on his belt and then left. As he walked, a young padawan ran up to him.

“Master Jing’Mal?” the young padawan asked.

“Yes, padawan?” Jing’Mal replied.

“Master Das requests your presence in the meeting hall.” With that, the padawan ran off as if he was late.

“Master Das?” Jing’Mal thought. “My old master. I thought he was on Tython. Not here on Coruscant. Why would he come all this way?”

Shaking his head, Jing’Mal started to make his way from the recovery room to the meeting hall where he found his old mentor, sitting with his head bowed and his grey/white hair hanging long and limp from under his hood. As Master Das looked up and saw through the Force that his former padawan was approaching, he stood and braced himself against the table. His blind eyes looked towards Jing’Mal and he smiled.

“Ahh, Jing’Mal…” Master Das started. His voice was paper thin and held almost no strength. “How I’ve missed you.”

“Master Das,” Jing’Mal started, very concerned for his former mentor. He moved to the old man’s side and helped him sit back down, kneeling in front of him. “Why did you make such a long trip? You are not in good health.”

“I was concerned for you,” Master Das stated. “I felt through the Force that you had left us and I came to claim your body.”

Jing’Mal smiled at his former mentor. He loved Master Das like a father. There was never anyone kinder to him than Master Das; even coming from Tython to Coruscant to claim his body. That meant a lot to Jing’Mal.

“As you can see…” Jing’Mal began to say, smiling the whole time, “…the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. You should return to the doctors on Tython, Master. I will come with you after I’ve taken care of some personal business here.”

Master Das placed a hand on Jing’Mal’s head and closed his blind eyes. Master Das was the greatest Force Seer of his generation and he could read the mind of others from just a touch. As he read Jing’Mal’s mind, Master Das smiled as he saw the face of the woman that Jing’Mal remembered from waking up. He also saw Jing’Mal’s memory of speaking with The Guide and looked perturbed. As he released his former padawan, Master Das looked down at him and smiled.

“Go see her, Jing’Mal.” Master Das almost requested with his paper thin voice full of love for his former student. “Tell her what you wish. I will make preparations for our departure.”

Jing’Mal nodded and stood.

“I shall return soon, Master.” Jing’Mal said these words as he turned to go. Soon he was outside the Jedi temple and making his way along the streets of Coruscant towards the orphanage he helped save…and the woman who now haunted his thoughts.