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(L,F&E #14) Questions

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01.20.2012 , 04:09 AM | #1
((This is not a nice story. It deals with the darker side of human nature. If you can't handle that, don't read. You are warned.))

Nolikas sat. She had been sitting in front of the terminal in her quarters for a while. She continued to study the data. Something in it had to tell her why her experiment had gone so badly wrong. She understood what had happened; she could not make sense of WHY it had happened. She shook her head. It was there, she knew it was but… she reached for her stylus and her hand encountered a cup instead. She blinked and looked at it. Then she looked up into the concerned eyes of Master Jina.

“How long have you been working on this, Nolikas?” Jina asked quietly.

“A couple of hours.” Nolikas replied absently as she reached around the cup to grasp her stylus. She had to... It shot out of her hand and she looked up startled to see it land in Jina’s.

“Try thirty three.” The calm words startled the healer. She looked at the chrono and was amazed to see that Jina was right. She had been sitting in her chair for more than a standard day. She shook her head and returned her gaze to her computer in time to see it shut down.

“HEY!” She cried. Even knowing her data was backed up automatically when the system shut down didn’t help. She reached for the power switch and Jina caught her hand. She looked up into Jina’s eyes. Jina spoke quietly.

“Nolikas you are not going to find the answer if you don’t take care of yourself. Drink.” She held the cup to the healer. Nolikas looked at Jina and could see the intransigence in her eyes, so she sighed and took the cup. She smelled it. It contained a sedative. She looked at Jina. “Drink it.” Nolikas shook her head, but Jina was having none of it. “Drink it now! You need to sleep.”

“I need to find out what went wrong.” Nolikas protested. Jina sighed.

“If you keep working like this, you will wind up in medical yourself and then who will help him?” Nolikas looked at Jina and froze. She slumped. Tears fell from her eyestalks.

“It…It’s my fault. I have to…” Nolikas tried to sit up straight, but collapsed out of her chair and Jina caught her. Jina eased her to the floor. “I…”

She slumped and held out a hand. Jina moved the cup to it. Nolikas drank the whole cup quickly. She rose unsteadily and Jina helped her friend to her bed. “Has there been any word from Nia?” She dreaded what Will’s daughter might do or say, or not do or say…

“No, sleep my friend. If there is any word. I will inform you as soon as you wake.” The Rakata was quickly asleep. Jina took a moment to arrange a cover over her friend before leaving the Healer’s quarters. Her shoulders slumped as she envisioned Nia’s reaction.
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01.20.2012 , 04:11 AM | #2
<The renegade battlecruiser Stormhawk, hyperspace, the same day>

Boss walked into sickbay and waited as Nia finished what she was working on. She closed her station and turned to him. She started to rise, but he waved her back down.

“No formality here Nia, remember?” She had been so sick of people treating her like some kind of… well…Jedi… that she had stated, for the record she would beat the next person to do so while she was working. And she had. That poor engine tech had barely managed to crawl out of the practice ring. And, people had relaxed around her. Dia however… “We have a problem.” Nia leaned back in her chair and shook her head.

“Don’t tell me… oh no…” The door behind Boss opened and Olana walked in, he was carrying…! Nia jumped out of her chair and was helping the WOokiee carry her apprentice before any could stay a word. Boss moved to assist and Nia glared at him. He froze, wisely. She took Dia from Olanagychew and laid the girl on one of the exam tables and hissed as she saw the damage her apprentice had taken. Someone had beaten her, badly. Nia shouted for the doctor and he came running in. He swore loudly in Trandoshan and came to the table. Dia roused partway and Nia hushed her with gentle words. Between the two of them they managed to treat Dia’s wounds and get her to sleep. Nia stared at the monitors then shook herself and jerked a head at one of the other rooms. They all assembled there and she spoke before anyone else could.

<Was it you?> She asked Olanagychew and he huffed in surprise. But then he shook his head. She looked at him, and then nodded. His feelings about her apprentice were clear and well known. He didn’t trust any Force user except Nia, and Nia, well, Nia was family. He definitely didn’t trust Dia. ESPECIALLY after the revelation of who she had been. But, he did understand that Nia considered Dia to be family, so he tried. He really did, to be courteous at least. Others of the crew were not so restrained. She turned to the doctor who was still cursing softly in Trandoshan.

“Doctor, prognosis?” L’trask visibly calmed himself.

“Most of the injuries are superficial. The stomach wounds are, worrisome, but we caught the damage in time I think. The lekku that was cut, well, we will just have to see with that. This is the third time and worse than any of the others… Do we have any idea at all…?” He broke off as Boss shook his armored head.

“She refuses to name them. If she just fought back…” His frustration matched any of the others. Nia shook her head, her expression mixed pride and exasperation.

“She won’t. She considers it her penance for her previous life.” All three of the others in the room flinched at that. They all knew who Dia HAD been, and while none of them had ever encountered Darth Oreana -the galaxy was a very big place after all- the fact that a human who had been a Sith Asssassin was inhabiting this young Twilek was nervousmaking. The three Stormhawk crew just stood for a moment. They might not trust Dia, but they liked her. She was funny, wise, and a moderating influence on Nia. Who was… to put it mildy, a loose cannon at times. She put her head in her hands and sighed. “What can I do? If I use the Force to find the perpetrators, the rest of the crew will see it as a Jedi act. If I do nothing they will beat her worse next time…” L’trask walked to her slowly and spoke quietly.

“Did you see…?” He broke off as Nia nodded. “We can identify…” Nia shook her head silently. Boss looked from one to the other then froze. Olana just looked confused.

“She won’t. Even if we did convene a court she won’t ID them.” Olana’s eyes narrowed.

<What am I missing?> He asked finally.

“She wasn’t just beaten was she?” Boss asked quietly. Olana’s eyes widened, then went cold and hard. Boss stood quickly and moved towards the door. But Olana was there first. He held up a furry hand and Boss stopped in his tracks.

<This ends now.> All of them froze at his cold hard growl. He swept out of the room. Nia called after him.

“Don’t kill anybody!” Boss looked at her. “I want them.” Both he and the doctor froze at her cold tone, and then nodded. All three walked out into sickbay. Boss left to head back to the bridge. Nia and the doctor started prepping for patients. Knowing Olana, there would be several.

<A few minutes later>

“Did you hear how she screamed?” The young missile tech chortled to his buddies as the shared a drink in the barracks. The five shared a lot of things, a room, meals, and…other things.

“I never knew a Twilek could make that noise.” One of the room mates laughed as well. None of them noticed a grey shadow enter the room.

“You shouldn’t have cut her tentacle man, those don’t grow back.” The youngest member of the group took another drink trying with all his might to forget what he had seen.

“Aw come on, She’s a Jedi! She can make it grow back! URK!” He broke off as a grey furred arm came from behind him and threw him into the wall. The sensation of flying he felt came to an abrupt and painful end as he made contact and swiftly lost consciousness. The other four looked up into the maddened eyes of Olanagychew. They screamed and he roared.

A few minutes later, the security team for the deck cautiously entered the room. They had heard… They froze. Olana held one of the techs by the throat and growled a question to him. The tech shook his head desperately. Olana dropped him and when the terrified tech tried to scuttle away, almost absentmindly clipped him on the skull and he joined his friends in slumber. Olanagychew nodded to the security team.

<These five are under arrest for an assault on Dia Ulahadottor. Take them to medical, then to detention bay four, the commander will want to speak with them> They nodded, and carefully walked around to clap binders on the five. Olanagychew walked out of the room still smoldering. He had one more stop to make.

Olanagychew walked back into Medical to find a heated discussion raging. Dia was trying to get up, L’trask and Nia both were trying to keep her down. All three froze on seeing him. He smiled slightly.

<Six patients shortly doctor.> Nia grinned, and L’trask snorted and moved to open up more beds. Dia stared at him. Then she shook her head and sank back to her bed. He walked to her bedside and looked at her. She spoke quietly.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” He shook his head and spoke, for him almost silently. She looked at him helplessly; she still didn’t understand much Shirwook. Nia grinned thinly and translated for her.

“He says: You are part of my family. I may not like you, but…We protect our own.” Olana spoke again. Nia nodded. “He says: I would avenge anyone who suffered what you just did. But no one does that to a member of my family.” Dia’s eyes widened. Her voice was even quieter.

“It’s my penance. For my past, you understand that, don’t you?” Olana barked loudly this time. Nia grinned weakly.

“He says: If you want to be beaten, go to the ring, and don’t fight back. If you are attacked in the corridor, defend yourself. And he… Oh Olana…” She shuddered and hugged the Wookiee. Boss walked in.

“I cannot blame you for what you did, Olana. But… you are under arrest. You should have let me handle it.” Dia looked from Boss to Nia who was crying now, to Olana, bewildered.

“What did you do?” She asked. Instead of answering, he handed her something small. She looked at it and nearly dropped it. It was human flesh and two lumps showed within. She stared at it, then at the Wookiee. Olana turned to Boss and extended his hands. Dia froze… as if for binders! Boss shook his head.

“You know I won’t do that to you. You didn’t kill him. I would have. You are confined to quarters, until we can convene a trial. And for what it’s worth, well done.” Boss turned and left the room. A pair of very nervous looking security officers entered. Olana nodded to the doctor, Nia and Dia and left the room.
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01.20.2012 , 04:14 AM | #3
<The next day>

Dia sat, bewildered. Her injuries were healing. The trance that Nia had forced her to assume had helped a great deal. The injuries were not the problem. She remembered the fight, if you could call it a fight. She hadn’t fought back when they had tripped her. Maybe she should have…no… it was her penance. She didn’t remember after… The Doctor, Nia and others all said that she had been attacked again after, but she didn’t remember. Olana had found her and brought her to medical.

She winced. do what he had… He didn’t even like her… She shook her head, wincing as the reconnected lekku moved. It didn’t hurt nearly as much as it had. What was worse, was now all of who she considered her friends, Nia, L’trask, Boss… they all walked around her as if they feared she would break, or maybe start throwing force lightning.

Something new impugned on her senses, a presence she hadn’t felt before. She looked up as the door to her private medical room opened. She blinked. A female Cathar stood in the door, not anyone she had seen before. The Cathar looked her up and down and grinned as only a Cathar could.

“Dia is it? I’m Nine. Come on.” She motioned to Dia and Dia just looked at her. “Come on, we are going to be late.” Dia stood up and straightened herself then she moved to follow the woman. Dia looked at her; the woman wore a fighter flightsuit, and looked and smelled as if she had just left the cockpit. The woman led her to an elevator and Dia followed, wondering where Nia and the Doctor had gone. They had been working on the… Dia froze. Nine looked at her and nodded.

“Yeah. I was sent to bring you. You going to be ok?”

“I am OK…” Dia protested. Nine snorted.

“Bull. You don’t go through what you just did without having problems, Jedi or no.” Dai looked at her, the Cathar spoke as if from experience. Nine nodded. “I was a slave. They did what they wanted to me. Now I can fight back.” Dia nodded. Nine shot a sidelong look at the Twilek. “Scuttlebutt says you are a Sith. That true?”

“I was.” Dia’s voice could barely be heard, even in the quiet elevator.

“Then what are you doing letting people beat you?” Dia bristled, but then realized the woman wasn’t being sarcastic or humorous, she was serious.

“Penance…” She broke off, unable to continue

“Penance?” Nine looked hard at her. “I didn’t think Sith were religious.”

“They aren’t, I…" Dia shook her head. "I owe some people…” She broke off as Nine scoffed.

“And letting someone beat you to death will pay the debt? Let me tell you something, girl, since girl you seem to be, no matter if you are a Sith or not.” Nine stared deep into Dia’s eyes. “There are people out there who will really enjoy hurting and killing people like you if they can. Don’t let them win.” Dia nodded, she had known a few as Sith, they had sickened her, but…

The elevator doors opened and Nine walked out. Dia followed. They entered the hangar bay and Dia froze. It looked like the entire crew, minus those on duty, was assembled there. They stood, in formation, in front of three tables. Two in front of the other. Boss sat at the front most table; Nia sat at another and a Devonarian Dia hadn’t met sat at the third. Nine led her to the table where Nia and Nia pulled out a chair for Dia. Dia looked around and shuddered. Nia leaned over.

“It will be okay.” But Boss was standing. When he spoke, his voice rang throughout the bay.

“This court martial is now in session.” Dia froze, Nia gave her hand a light squeeze. The whole proceeding was to Dia, one big blur. She did what Nia asked, told what Boss asked her to tell, described what she could, what she remembered. She refused, as she had before to name the people who had attacked her. But if asked, she couldn’t have described any of it. Finally Boss stood again.

“We have reasons for our laws. We are all we can count on out here. There is, for us, no higher authority. No High Command. Nothing but endless emptiness. If we have problems with one another, we cannot allow them to endanger this crew. For, without her crew, what is the Stormhawk?” A murmur swept through the ranks. “You have heard the evidence. What says the crew of the Stormhawk?” The assembled crew looked at one another, as one they all stepped back. Dia stared as Nine walked forward a step and saluted.

“The crew of the Stormhawk says: Justice must be done, sir.” Boss returned her salute, and Nine resumed her position. Boss sighed.

“Bring in the accused.” Another murmur came as the door of the bay opened and a group filed in. Four humans, a Rodian, a Devonarian, and Olangychew. Only Olanagychew would meet Dia’s eyes. Hers widened as she saw the group that had hurt her, they all sported injuries and moved stiffly. One of the human’s though, was unknown to her; she had never seen him before. He moved even more stiffly than the others. They walked in front of Boss’ table and stopped. Olanagychew met his eyes, the others didn’t.

“You are all accused of violating the laws of this ship. What say you?” All but one nodded. The human Dia didn’t know didn’t move. Boss looked at him, and Dia could swear Boss wanted to spit. “Sensor tech Gotdas, you dispute this court?” The human’s vice was low, but easily audible.

“I do.” Boss looked at the assembled crew and Dia could swear he was trying to hold his temper in check. Finally he spoke.

“Crew of the Stormhawk, five of your peers have admitted their guilt and accepted punishment. One has not. What say you?” Nine walked out of the ranks, walked to the Boss’ table and saluted. When Boss returned it, she turned to face the unrepentant sensor tech. Dia froze as the cold look on the Cathar’s face registered.

“Reconsider Tech Gotdas. Punishment is one thing, this is another.”

“I did nothing wrong, the Wookiee tried to kill me.” Nine actually laughed at that and sour chuckles were heard throughout the crowd. She shook her head.

“If Olangychew had wanted to kill you, you would be dead. He simply wanted to be sure you would never do what you did ever again. I wouldn’t have been so merciful.” Dia actually flinched from Nine’s tone. “Reconsider.” He shook his head again. She sighed. She looked at boss and he nodded. Nine drew her blaster. Dia was on her feet and moving before her forebrain realized what was happening.

“STOP!” Everyone in the bay froze as she moved to beside the sensor tech. “No. Not for me. Not for me...” Nine looked at her, the Cathar’s blaster still aimed at the tech’s forehead.

Boss came down from his table and stood beside Nine. When he spoke it was quiet.

“This isn’t just for you, Dia. He broke the laws of the ship. And he refuses to acknowledge it.” She shook her head, her lekku slapping painfully against one another. “We can’t let this stand. We can’t.”

She shook her head harder, but Nia was there. Nia took her shoulder gently in hand and led Dia out of the bay. As they left the report of a blaster rang across the bay. Dia broke down and cried. Nia gently led her away from the bay.

((And no, this is nothing like a modern court martial, but if you like, look up historical pirates, and how THEY handled people who broke their laws.))
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01.20.2012 , 04:15 AM | #4
<Later that night>

Nia sat in sickbay with her head in her hands. She had finally gotten Dia to sleep, after resorting to a sedative in her drink. Now… She was left with her thoughts. The door opened and Nia looked up and froze. The Cathar woman, Nine, was standing there.

“She asleep?” Nia nodded and Nine sighed. She cocked her head in question and Nia nodded. Nine came in and sat in a chair facing Nia.

“Was she really a Sith?” Nine asked without preamble.

“She was.” Nia replied. It was hardly a secret. Nine nodded.

“What happened?” Nia snorted, and Nine looked at her.

“We really don’t know. One day she was a Padawan, a young Jedi, the next she woke up screaming and surrendered to us.” Nine stared at her.

“That’s…odd…” Nia smiled at Nine’s tone, mixed bafflement and incredulity.

“That’s putting it mildly. Are you here in an official capacity?” Nine was the crew representative. For good things and bad.

“Yes. The crew wants to apologize, for what happened to her. And we need to know, is she a danger?”

“I don’t know.” Nia admitted. “Is she dangerous, yes, she has beaten me with training sabers so many times, my limbs have phantom pain even now.” She mock shuddered. Nine grinned. “Will she betray the ship or the crew, no.”

“You are sure?” Nine asked gently.

“She has a lot in common with my dad.” Nine looked at her. “One thing they both share, if unless there is a VERY good reason, they will not betray a trust, and even if they have to try they would stink at it.” Nine grinned widely.

“Yeah, that’s Two in a nutshell.” She became serious. “Any word?”

“No.” Nia sighed, deeply. “He left the enclave and well, we don’t know what…” She broke off as the intercom chimed. Boss’ voice came out.

“Nai, I need you in conference room four please.” Nia looked at Nine and Nine smiled and waved her out.

“On my way Boss.” She left Medical, wondering.

<Three hours later>

Dia woke, she was…feathery… Was that a word? She couldn’t decide. She looked around, the bay was blurry, the monitors, the gear, the Cathar… Wait a sec, the CATHAR? She blinked, but the image of Nine didn’t disappear. Nine smiled as only a Cathar could.

“Good morning.” Dia tried to get her fuzzy thoughts to straighten out.

“Wha…? Oh… oh. Mistress Nia…” Nine didn’t crack a smile.

“She was worried about you. We all were. And are.” Dia froze.

“Why?” Nine sighed.

“Despite what some might have thought, you are a member of this crew. As such you have rights. We are all we have. We have to be a family. You don’t have to like family, as a matter of fact; few people can anger you faster than family. But, we protect each other because… we are all we have. We failed you, we wanted to apologize.”

“You don’t owe me anything.” Nine’s face grew pensive.

“Have you ever had a family?” Dia sat back at her tone, it mixed inquiry with… pity?

“No. It was… It was a weakness and for a Sith, well…”

“Do you remember anything about your parents?” Nine asked gently. Dia shook her head, it still hurt and she restrained a wince.

“I never knew them. I was raised by a fallen Jedi.” Nines eyes widened. “ I think… I think he killed my mother to get me, I don’t know who my father was. And I doubt I will ever find out, the body that could have been DNA typed is gone.”

“Gone?” Nine asked carefully.

“A hundred weight baradium device will do that.” Nine’s eyes widened.

“Wow, you don’t do things small do you?” Dia grinned sourly.

“When you face a Sith lord, no, you don’t do things small.” This time Nine’s eyes were as large as platters.

“You faced a Sith lord?” Dia shrank under Nine’s regard.

“Yeah, well, sort of, I didn’t do it alone, well… not really alone…” Nine smiled.

“I’ve got a while before my next duty shift. And Nia may be a while. You mind telling the story? If I know more about you, I might be able to curb more of the wilder rumors about you.” Dia smiled back.

“I’m not really the hero of the story, but… sure… I wasn’t a Sith Lord I was an assassin. I had received information that a Sith Lord was trying to depose the Emperor, so I took steps…”
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01.20.2012 , 04:16 AM | #5
Nia sat in the conference room and tried not to yawn. It had been four hours. And they still hadn’t decided how to punish the offenders. Ordinarily on the Stormhawk, the punishment fit the crime, but for an assault, well, it didn’t make sense to beat people up, especially when Olana had done such a good job of it already. Some of the team leaders wanted to have them all whipped, including the Wookiee. Nia and Boss both nixed that. For one thing, Boss had pointed out that for Olana it wouldn’t be new. That shut the whole room group for a moment. Nia had also pointed out that the Sith used that punishment. Nia had proposed having the guilty parties do the dirtiest, smelliest, nastiest jobs on the ship for a week. That had earned her a few smiles, and she was sure Boss had been smirking under his helmet. Finally one of the others, who she couldn’t remember the number for, asked something that made her sit up straight.

“What does Dia want?” Everyone in the room stopped talking and looked at Nia. She flushed.

“She wants to forget it happened.” They all stared at her. “I… After the initial rush of vengeful feelings, I wonder if she isn’t right?” Boss cocked his head at her.


“We can’t kill the ones who beat her, and we don’t want to kill Olanagychew. I hope not anyway.” She looked around the room and everyone nodded. “He hurt them, badly.” They all nodded.

“You are suggesting that we… what?” Boss asked, perplexed.

“You are going to cut their privileges anyway, and keep a close eye on them. Right?” She asked and Boss nodded. “Leave it at that. Dia doesn’t want vengeance.”

“I thought Sith lived for vengeance.” Another one she barely recognized.

“Dia is not a Sith.” This came from Boss. “If anything proved that, to me at least, the fact that she tried to stop the execution did. She showed that she had the moral fiber to try and stop something she didn’t agree with. And she did it non-violently. She could have wiped the floor with those techs any of the times they hurt her and I think everyone in this room knows it.” They all nodded. “She may not be a Jedi, but she is definitely not a Sith.”

“So… we give them extra duties, and put them on short rations, and keep an eye on them?” This from the master at arms, a huge human Nia thought was designated Thirty. They all looked at each other and nodded. “What about Olanagychew?”

“Would you mind if I handled that? I think I have a punishment that he will detest.” Nia’s face split in a huge grin and the others in the room looked at each other.

“What do you have in mind?” Boss asked, somewhat nervous. When Nia stared smiling like that, life got interesting.

“L’trask is overworked because of Olana, right?” Boss nodded. “What say we give the good doctor a nurse to assist him?” Boss looked at her, and then burst out laughing. The others as they got it also started laughing.

<a few minutes later>

“…and then they let me go. Can you believe that?” Dia shook her head.

“Jedi are weird.” Nine agreed and Dia smiled. “Well, I have to get back to work. Your OK. If you want to talk, let me know, and… don’t be a stranger.” Dia grinned and Nine grinned back. They both looked up as the door opened. L’trask looked at them and smiled at Dia. Nine nodded to the doctor and left the room. Dia looked at him.

“I thought you had your hands full.” L’trask bared his teeth in a trandoshan grin.

“I did, but I just got some help.” Dia looked behind him and her eyes widened as she saw the huge form of Olanagychew cleaning the used exam beds. She cocked her head at the doc. “I’ve got him for two weeks. In addition to his other duties.” Dia found herself grinning along with the doc. Olana looked at her and smiled, she smiled back. Then she lay back to let the doc look at her. Things were beginning to look up.
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01.20.2012 , 04:19 AM | #6
<Three days later>

Boss looked up as Nia entered his office.

“What’s up?” He asked quietly.

“I just realized something…” She broke off and Boss waved for her to continue. “Nolikas said that Dad can’t fly and… she was worried that I had the same ability.” Boss froze. “I…” She slumped “I’m a good pilot, but…”

“You are off the flight roster anyway Nia.” She looked at him. “Considering what happened the LAST time you flew one of my fighters…”

“That wasn’t my fault, he was hungry…” Boss laughed.

“That doesn’t change the fact that you crashed the fighter I so generously gave that Jedi, who gave it to you, into an alien entity that ate it.” Nia smiled at his tone, but her face was pensive. Boss sighed.

“I know you love flying Nia, but…”

“I know. I know. You can’t lose me.”

“Actually your dad promised to flay me alive and cook me slowly over a wood fire if I let you fly in combat again. And I’m not even going to tell you what Olana promised for me if I did.” Nia froze, and then slumped. “Seriously Nia. If anything happens to you, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. We can use you aboard.” She nodded, still unhappy. “And this doesn’t mean you can’t fly period, just not in combat.”

“I understand Boss, and… what about Dia? She…” She broke off as Boss snorted.

“I think we can find a place for her…what?” He asked as Nia smiled widely.

“We have been, well... trying out various things, seeing what works and what doesn’t. We found out something interesting this morning. She knows Battle Meditation.” Boss jerked upright in his seat. When he spoke she could hear his feral grin.

“She does, does she...?”


Nolikas woke. It had been a long week and Jina had been very strict about how much sleep she got. She smiled fondly in memory, Jina was a very good friend. She was still tired, but, something, something nagged her. She looked around and smiled as she saw a tray of food sitting beside her bed.

"Jina..." She liked Master Jina, but sometimes she acted like Nolikas' mother... Her thoughts hiccuped and she froze. He mouth dropped open and she stood up, too quickly. The world spun around her, but she managed to get back to her chair. She stuffed food in her mouth absently as she pulled up the file Will had given her... She sat straight up in her chair as she saw the entry she had seen before, but had been too tired to recognize.

'Family deceased, Nia Korr only living relative'

She shook her head and queried the Jedi database looking for the name Kalenath. She shook her head again as it pulled up a bunch of hits on his name, and then she narrowed her search. Her eyes widened as she read.

'Father: Samuel Kalenath and Mother: Maria Kalenath listed deceased in shuttle accident. Crash site proved negative for organic remains. Crash later determined to have been engineered. Probability high of abduction.

Current status, unknown...'
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01.20.2012 , 04:19 AM | #7
((Hmmm, very interesting, no? Something wicked this way comes. Comments and/or suggestions always welcome))
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