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3 Hours wiping to Soa in EV. Every wipe due to a bug.

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3 Hours wiping to Soa in EV. Every wipe due to a bug.

broaf's Avatar

01.15.2012 , 08:31 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by deltanium View Post
recommend a reticule on the floor that would precisely indicate where the pylon is going to hit.
Or give the damn thing a shadow, at least.

The only significant bug we've encountered was the third pylon not breaking the shield. Nothing too game breaking, but certainly annoying.

Njardiss's Avatar

01.15.2012 , 09:04 PM | #22
Is the lightning orbs in phase two of Soa supposed to become invisible? That wouldn't really make sense, this really should be fixed with 1.1 or Soa is gonna continue being a pain to do.

Sheridyn's Avatar

01.15.2012 , 09:25 PM | #23
We eventually killed him 16-man hard mode, after several wipes caused by his shield not breaking even when he was in the correct position. Very frustrating.

Regarding OP's point #9 - you're partially right. If you're in the air and you push the boss into phase 3, you will be dead when you land. Sometimes your corpse will be rezzable at the bottom, but not always. If you're in a mind trap, you're ok. Once the mind trap debuff wears off (think it's 90 seconds) you'll be teleported to the bottom floor and be reunited with the rest of the raid. This will probably be ~30 seconds after the rest of the raid has reached the bottom floor. You should aim to avoid having any players in the air when you reach the 30% transition though - wait (stop DPS) at around 32-33% on the boss until he's thrown someone and they're on the ground again. Controlling this transition is important, and the enrage timer doesn't start ticking until you reach the bottom floor, so take your time.

As for some of the complaints made by the OP:
1. If the raid wipes while you are in a mind prison, you can simple click Exit Area above the minimap in the bottom right. You'll still have the mind prison debuff but this won't prevent the encounter from resetting.
4. Yep. Happens frequently and needs to be fixed. Can even happen when you take the escape pod at the start of the instance.
5. Don't think I've ever experienced this one.
6. Needs to be looked into by the development team, happens regularly.
8. Turn on nameplates for enemy NPCs - makes it very easy to determine which balls are active and which are dead.
12. Pretty much every encounter in the game hinders melee-heavy groups.

Ooryl_qrygg's Avatar

01.15.2012 , 09:27 PM | #24
Hello we got a nice bug tonight on soa HM 8 man. Operation was set on Hardmod but soa was on nightmare with 1M+ HP and also mind trap with 200K hp. We try absolutly everything, to put soa in HM instade of Nightmare but nothing work.
-reset operation
-try to put in normal, enter then leave, reset and put in hardmod
-make a new group with a new lead
-try to change the lead and let the new leader enter first etc....

Also the most fun fact is that sometines, one player come back in front of soa before the other one and before the other comes, he saw soa with only 899K hp which is his real Hp in hardmod, but when all the group join him and com in front of soa the Hp of the boss raise up to 1M with no reason, this means that soa is in nightmare with *********** mind trap 200k hp.

Thx BW !

sorry for my poor english.

Schwick's Avatar

01.20.2012 , 04:15 AM | #25
So currently my guild is enjoying the operation content there is, however the bugs are putting a strain on that fun. Each EV run we run into bugs which lead to wipes. I really hope Bioware fixes these soon cause I got a few members leaving because of said bugs and being tired of “unfinished raids”. So here’s my EV bug list:
  1. Gharj does not create a path leading to the first island and does not sink the first island. After the second island, it will work though.
  2. Gharj manages to kill people after wiping after he does his idle animation.
  3. After Ghajr is dead and ressing people, people still get the lava debuff despite standing on an island.
  4. The ancient Pylons rarely refuse to lock.
  5. SOA leaves gaps in the floor after wiping. We had a big segment missing during the second phase (second level).
  6. SOA keeps people stuck in combat after the fight.
  7. SOA rarely does not give a certain platform while It should be there.
  8. SOA sometimes keeps aggro on somebody in the prison thus making him not movable during P3.
  9. Various chests do not respond well when using master looter leading to loot not lootable.
  10. People who fall down between P2 and P3 are unable to be combat ressed during P3.
  11. Various bio-patterns do not work that drop from these mobs.
  12. Upon resetting the instance when at SOA, the speeder bikes only land you before the ancient pylons instead of at the pylons.
And some general bugs raid-wise:
  • As a raid leader I get spammed to death that there’s no room for my companion on screen as well each chat-tab.
  • Sometimes EV gives two instances which leads us to reset the instance to fix this because some members can’t join our instance.
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