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Rough Idea for an Ilum fix

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Rough Idea for an Ilum fix

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01.19.2012 , 06:46 PM | #1
Population imbalances are evident in pretty much every MMO, the problem right now is the world pvp doesn't have any means of dispersing the players along the map.

In warhammer, objectives being spread out allowed the minority faction to actually pvp despite being out numbered and having no shot at flipping zones.

In this game, there is no real reason not to spawn camp the opposing faction, you take the nodes to get the valor gain increase, but there is no reason or sense of urgency to cap the nodes. They feel more like extra after thoughts to ilum as opposed to the reason to be there.

My suggest is make it so

A) Nodes require some upkeep to maintain. Like there must be players at the node doing something to keep it under Rep/Imp control. Not quite sure how they could acomplish this.

This will do two things because it will spread players out. Lag/FPS issues will be allieviated because there arent 100 people in one small area, and this will give repbulic a chance to hit lesser defended nodes and actually experience pvp themselves.

B) Add a feature to the zone, that if you hold lets say all 5 nodes for X amount of time, everyone who contributed gets 1 secondary type of batttlemaster token

This will give people a real reason to hold and capture nodes.

C) Make the cost of getting battlemaster gear with the Ilum token, quite a bit higher like maybe something to the effect of 20-30 tokens for 1 piece of gear.

D) Depending on the time to hold for "capping" the zone, add some sort of internal cooldown to disallow players from getting gear incredibly fast.

Obviously there should be some sort of token for defending because otherwise rep will get shafted on gear gain. Not sure how that would work though.

These are just rough ideas for ways to possibly fix ilum up. Obviously there is no way to fix the faction imbalance through patch ideas, but they can defintley mitigate some of the problems in the game right now by adjusting the ilum layout/objective situation.