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Sound stoped working (Worked up untill now)

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Sound stoped working (Worked up untill now)

AssassinEz's Avatar

01.19.2012 , 05:03 PM | #1
So yeah, my In-game sound has just stoped working today. Im level 44 and its worked fine all the way through, and all today for that matter, but then when i tryed to re-log in today, the sound (IN GAME) was not working, when i enterd my password and log in on the launcher, it made that little noise it makes when you click log in, just as soon as i log in to my character, no sound is coming out, i tried doing what it said on the \bug report - forums thing (In game) but nothing worked, i do not want to have to re-install the full game, is there a way I can sort this out? My sound works fine on everything else and it has worked fine on TOR, up untill now. Thanks.