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Through Green Eyes

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01.18.2012 , 10:30 PM | #1
Chapter 1: A Chance Meeting

"Hey buddy, can you lighten up on that trigger thumb you have? I'm starting to see spots" I asked the jailer. My ever defiant sarcastic tone remained, knowing that Sith jerk wasn't going to take my advice any time soon.

I didn't care to listen to the man's response as he once again pressed the button of the small device in his hand. In a flash, another surge of excruciating pain shot through my body, originating from the shock collar on my neck. It wasn't anything life threatening, but it still hurt like hell.

I must have blanked out for a second, because by the time I regained all my senses, the jailer was speaking to some Sith. I'm not just talking about a Sith in philosophy either. He was one of those red skinned purebloods.

He was a tall guy with a good bit of muscle on him. It was kind of intimidating, but when you looked at his slightly darker red hair, slicked back and hovering just above his shoulders, and those strong yellow eyes, he was kind of a looker. Even those face tendrils weren't bad, which was surprising since they gave me the creeps for the most part. From the look of his clothes though, he was a new guy. An acolyte I think. Not yet the student of one of those lords or Darths, but he was learning.

Then I realized that I was staring at the guy too much and shook my head. With my focus off of examining the Sith, I started to overhear the conversation between him and the jailer.

"Tremel wants you to decide the fate of these three prisoners here. Whatever you want to do with them is fine" the jailer told the young Sith. Nodding, the Sith walked over to the first cell. Inside was a human woman. "This one here was caught calling one of our men. We understand that she's working for the Republic" the jailer explained the woman's situation.

"Please, let me out of here. I didn't know who I was hired to kill, I was just trying to do my job" the woman begged. If it was up to me, I'd let the woman live. She was able to kill and Imperial, she'd probably make a good spy or something.

"As you can hear, she doesn't even bother denying she's committed a crime. It's up to you what to do with her. You can arm her for combat by death or just execute her" the jailer offered.

"Killing a member of the Empire is a tremendous offense punishable by death. And that's exactly what I have in store for you" the Sith declared. I couldn't help but flinch when the Sith started using the Force to choke the woman. She was clawing at her throat, as if trying to remove a hand, but unfortunately it was some of that crazy magic stuff the Jedi and Sith used, so there was no hope. With a thud, the woman's body fell to the ground.

The jailer nodded at the Sith's choice as he moved onto the next cell, this one holding a man. "This man is a soldier for the Empire. He's worked for us for quite some time, but recently he made a mistake that cost of thousands of our own forces" the jailer explained once more.

"I'm not going to lie or beg for my life. I just want to die like a man of the Empire. Allow me to die on my feet" the man asked, trying to convince the Sith to give him an honorable death. I guess I could understand the guy's reasoning, but personally I'd prefer living.

This time though, the Sith seemed to comply to the man's desires. "Give him a weapon and open the cell. I will give him the honor of dying by my hand" the Sith commanded. Watching the jailer free the man, I could only wish that was my cell being opened right now. As soon as the man had a weapon in his hands, the Sith attacked. It wasn't much of a death duel, considering the Sith was young and fresh, while the man was old and weak from imprisonment.

One swing overhead from the Sith's training saber and the man dropped his weapon. Another swing from the side and the man dropped to his knees in pain. A third swing directed at the man's neck caused the sickening sound of vertebrate to crack, ending his life swiftly. The Sith wasn't a very merciful guy.

Once the jailer moved the body off to the side, the Sith continued to the last prisoner. From my position, I couldn't see the other guy, but when I started hearing him speak something other than Basic, I knew he was an alien. Duros I think.

"The evidence against this man is circumstantial and not once has he changed his story. He might be innocent of his crimes. What do you wish to do with him?" the jailer asked. I had know idea as to what he was talking about, but at the very least he seemed to believe this guy wasn't guilty of anything.

The Sith thought otherwise. "Continue to torture him and he will break. I don't care if we have to bleed him dry to get his confession" the Sith commanded, sending a chill down my spine from the sheer cruelty of this man.

"Very well. I have to say, I think you did a pretty good job. I'll send Tremel a report on your actions. You can head back to him now" the jailer instructed the Sith.

"Pretty strict opinion you got there, don't you?" I asked the Sith, drawing his and the jailer's attention. "Remind me to request a different judge should I go on trial" I joked. I already knew I was guilty of whatever crimes they accused me of. It was just a matter of what punishment they gave me. Considering they already had the shock collar on me, I doubted it was going to be death.

Speaking of the shock collar, another painful surge let loose when the jailer barked at me. "Keep your opinions to yourself slave! You'll be lucky if we don't torture you!"

As I held my head in pain, the Sith chuckled, saying "That looks like fun. I wouldn't my giving that a try some time"

For a second I thought he meant getting shocked, but after seeing his recent behavior, I realized he meant being the one to do the shocking. The only question I had is if he meant he wanted to just shock people or if he wanted to shock me in particular. With any luck, I wouldn't see the guy ever again. Watching him leave the prison, I figured he'd never come back anyways, so I was gong to be safe from him. The button happy jailer, on the other hand, might be a small problem.

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01.19.2012 , 03:16 PM | #2
Awesome job. This was fun to read. Wonder how your Sith will treat Vette. Thanks for writing this. God bless.