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Finding FP group not good

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01.19.2012 , 12:20 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by EcGBorn View Post
I'd like to see them keep it only server based though. It would promote the community more and help weed out capable vs incapable players.
So instead of using it's creative genius to design a decent "flag the a-hole" system in a LFD tool (and yes, no system is perfect and any system could be abused... bla, bla, bla), the Devs give us no LFD tool and called it "community" building? But wait! What about the great queue system in PvP? You mean to tell me those players don't need "community?" Why do they have a LFD tool?

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01.19.2012 , 12:26 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Uruare View Post
It's a rather ignorant sort of tool that takes for granted just how much work and administrative effort it is to lead a successful progression and raid guild, which is the sort of guild you ideally want to be in for this sort of content.

If its a large guild, you can bet most are mooks that do nothing but say when they can raid and get rostered by someone doing actual work, then show up and take direction from someone that did actual research.

Nothing wrong with being a mook in that capacity. But they do tend to overlook, or remain completely naive to, the realities involved in establishing and maintaining such things as a guild you can rely on do hit content like FP's, hardmodes and raids with any regularity and cohesion. They then commonly take entirely for granted how anyone else's experience, under different circumstances, could possibly be the product of anything other than being lazy or a 'baddie'.

Been there, done that. Frankly, you need a guild to do a lot of that content regularly, or a lot of time to waste on trying to put together or find a pug for specific, especially higher level, FP's.

Been there, done that so far here too, and I completely sympathize with you; it can be a real pain to even try to run some of that content. Is your playtime way off-peak? Are you commonly juggling something like a baby or having to go AFK for whatever? Anymore, its becoming an increasing exclusionary factor if you don't want to spacebar through the dialogue too.

The lists of hurdles could go on, but it doesn't need to. They desperately need to prioritize a dungeon and raid finder if they're gonna carbon-copy everything else from WoW as well. May as well incorporate the features that allow more than 5% of a playerbase to actually do the higher end content, right?
This is one of the most succinct, eloquent, and above all, accurate description of most of the Guilds and Raids Id ever seen! Also, the total absence of rants and l33t-speech are greatly appreciated. Kudos!