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Overheard At The Imperial Spaceport

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Overheard At The Imperial Spaceport

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01.19.2012 , 07:30 AM | #1
Bounty Hunter: Excuse me, have you seen a Sith?

Guard: I"m sorry, I've seen a lot of Siths today. Have you a description?

BH: Sorry, about that, yes. He has a distinctive weapon. Most Siths have lightsabers. This one uses a harvesting tool.

G: A scythe?

BH: Yes.

G: Anything else?

BH: Well, he meditates a lot, especially when walking.

G: How is he complected?

BH: He's less red and more brownish.

G: And his ancestry?

BH: Half Sith and half the descendant of a nomadic tribe of humans.

G: What's his job?

BH: He's an inquisitor. He sorts through the pure and impure. His weapon helps with that.

G: What else?

BH: That's it.

G: So you're asking if I've seen a semi-Scythian seething sepia Sith who sifts with his scythe?

BH: Exactly.

G: Sorry, haven't seen him.
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