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No reason to discard this old function

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No reason to discard this old function

Kuuraien's Avatar

01.19.2012 , 07:25 AM | #1
Please give us back the function that made cooldown grey out any abilities in the hotbar, its been like that since forever in mmos and now you suddenly want to change it for... nothing? there is no functionality to how it works now, you will always need to keep an eye on your resource pool, this doesnt fix that, it in fact hurts players.

It used to be you could check other stuff without having to keep an eye on all your abilities's cooldown, now its the oposite, the number of stuff you have to constantly keep an eye on increased, you still have to keep an eye on your resource because the abilities remaining bright while on cooldown only hints towards your next skill's cost being affoardable, your second skill might not have sufficient resources so the only real reason to keep this function is not valid.

Meanwhile the reasons to keep the old function are all perfectly valid, one less thing to focus on, you will always have to focus on your resource pool to know what sequence you can execute, but with the old function of greying out skills that are on cooldown, you dont need to focus on cooldown bars and instead just wait for them to brighten up in the corner of your eye while you keep focus on other aspects of the game. (yes people will still check the cooldown bars to see what is coming up soon but this happens less with the old function, and the new function is only there to let us know what we can affoard, not anything to do with cooldowns, just another plus of the old function)

The cons outweight the pros (and the pros arent even valid) so just bring the old functionality back, seriously the new function just increases the workload of us players, please rollback that function.

If you are not willing to rollback a useless function that you guys came up with out of shame of admitting its obsolete, at the very least please add an option to change back between abilities greying out and not greying out while on cooldown, that would save you some face and help us all.