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Unable to access general discussion

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Unable to access general discussion

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01.19.2012 , 07:08 AM | #1
Bioware, this happens right after EVERY patch for a day and a half. Your "Community" tab in the top defaults to your maintenance page when the forums are functional so I am forced to use a bookmark to one of the other boards to actually get into the forums. Following that, I get the same page on General Discussion so therefore cannot post suggestions or anything of the like there. I can see the latest topic and enter it but when I try to go to the main page of General Discussion, I get the same maintenance issue.

I honestly suggest fixing these forums and make it easier to navigate.

Also, I am a very dissatisfied customer due to the lack of a rollback that is needed thanks to your mess of a PvP fix on Ilum and will be cancelling my account pretty soon if it doesn't happen. I'm not going to say I have an entire 60 member guild following me because they aren't, though a LOT of them are displeased with your lack of information about a rollback and some may end up quitting.

Please fix it and give me a reason to stay.

EDIT: Quit taking the search down. Leave it up. You have done this multiple times ever since beta has started.
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