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More Planets and Barber (Expansion suggestion)

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More Planets and Barber (Expansion suggestion)

darthrihilu's Avatar

01.19.2012 , 05:14 AM | #1
As a suggestion for future expansion packs, there should be more planets put into the game. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who thinks this, but this is my opinion on it.

I think that it would be very possible to put in another planet, considering how they were able to add Hoth into the storyline (which is pretty much just snow and ice and had nothing to do with the Republic or the Sith before SWTOR). That one really caught me by surprise. Adding planets such as Mustafar, Bespin, Utapau, Manaan, Bakura, Kashyyyk, Mon Calamari, or even Endor would be nice additions to the game, showing what the planets were like 3000 years (not 300 lol) before the movies.

It would also be cool if there were "barbers" in the game that players could go to and change their hairstyles. xD That's just something I've seen in some other games that I think would be good to have in this one.

DarkestDaemon's Avatar

01.19.2012 , 05:21 AM | #2
I think ya mean 3,000 years...

But I do agree. Would be nice to see a few more planets in the game.

Confession's Avatar

01.19.2012 , 05:23 AM | #3
I'm eagerly waiting for a "barber" option. I like changing the hairstyles and whatnot on my characters from time to time, puts a little flavour to my gaming experience.
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DavieDe's Avatar

01.19.2012 , 05:24 AM | #4
more planets are coming i believe the first new one will be in the next content release in march
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