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A Few Good Fixes: How to make Warzones viable leveling

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A Few Good Fixes: How to make Warzones viable leveling

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01.19.2012 , 12:29 AM | #1
First of all, I like the voice acting and story stuff. BioWare did a great job and I salute them.

Secondly, quests in MMOs are universally dull no matter how much neat story you wrap round them; go to A, use B, kill C, repeat until endgame, then continue to repeat.

The fun that I have in MMOs is PvP. I know not a lot of people feel this way, but there are a lot of neat little tweaks you could make to Warzones in this game to make them feel better to folks who'd like to level this way.

1.) Have real rewards on a per-kill basis. Get XP, Valor, cash and Commendations from enemy players. Pop numbers up so players can see them. Autoloot cash.

2.) Have the best rewards go to objectives. Fighting on point? All those pop-up numbers I mentioned earlier get a multiplier. Run alongside a Huttball carrier? Get ticks of bonus XP, Valor and Commendations. All actions taken on or near a Huttball carrier or other objective are worth extra points. Assists are worth points. Heals are worth points. Shields are worth points. Multipliers for doing any of these things to folks who are capping, running balls, etc. you get the picture.

The real issue: incentivize the right things. Right now, the way to get medals, XP and cash is by killing or healing a whole lot. That's foolish unless you're in a Team Deathmatch game, which does not exist (it should!). Instead, reward things that win games. People who farm at the spawn should get LESS XP and Valor than people who are standing guard duty; one of those two types of folks is helping the team. Helping the team should be where the XP is, not farming for kills or high crits.

3.) Reward with PvP gear throughout the leveling curve. When certain level/rank is achieved, unlock cheap, purchasable gear.

Level/Rank ratio decides on the ability to purchase/use certain pieces:
A Level 20, Rank 1 player will only have greens available; they are not long in the PvP world and their available PvP set should reflect that.

A level 20, Rank 10 will have blues available for purchase. They have been there a while, but they do lots of leveling and questing also.

A Level 20, Rank 25 will have purples available for purchase. They do nothing but PvP and are in it for the long haul.

Obviously I don't know the math behind how ranks and levels will interact; I don't have all the information, but the idea should be clear enough.

Secondly, leveling green/blue/purple gear should be in sets. They should be available throughout a span of levels; at 20, boots. At 21, gloves. At 22, pants, and so on, including weapons and other things. Thing is, every new piece of gear from your set, be it green, blue, or purple, gives you a set bonus that raises the power level of your whole PvP set. Wearing two pieces, one 20, one 21? Your set bonus will mean both pieces are roughly equivalent to two 21 pieces. Wearing gear straight from 20-26? Your set bonus will mean your gear acts like a set of full greens/blues/purples at 26. When weapons from 27 and 28 are added, no set bonuses; let the next set start up at 30, and make the first few pieces of 30 gear sexy enough to make it a real decision whether or not to drop your old set bonuses.

Include Expertise early. Not in big scads, but in enough numbers that you can keep stats lower (so PvP gear is not also be-all end-all PvE gear) but still make PvP progression feel powerful and worthwhile.

Add the aforementioned rewards -on top- of automatic credit, XP and Valor rewards from playing PvP. Make it easier to level through Warzones, and you'll see people doing it with their alts after they've seen the story through.

Teach people to play the game by giving them points for doing things that help their team. Reward people for playing in PvP. Allow those of us who have seen the story to the end or who like PvP in general to have a viable alternative to quest leveling.

I realize it'll never be replaced; the story quest is great, but I'd -love- it if I could bash around in PvP, then do the whole story arc 'til it's too hard, then get -back- to PvP. Sidequests are dull, dull, dull. I'd much rather be making queues pop faster and feeling truly rewarded for playing well, not just for -being there-, which PvP is increasingly based on these days.

I think that's a sad trend, but it could be fixed.