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PvP Suggestion Bioware.

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PvP Suggestion Bioware.

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01.19.2012 , 12:22 AM | #1
K im not a Rocket Scientist but why doesnt the opposing faction on any server that is outnumbered get a buff that increases drop rates, credits, valor gain, commendation gains etc. If they are to be outnumbered they should atleast get some help especially on pvp servers. The % increase on the buff should be affected on the % imbalance. This is something ive seen used in some other pvp only games since whenever you have 2 factions in a pvp game especially or pve one side is always going to be greater than the other no matter what you try to do. Also if needed can add the buff to the over populated side not to punish but to force any new players to join the side that is not punished for having greater numbers. Can post the results on character creation for any new players to see. Ex: Imperials Population exceeded by 2% over Republic, Following restrictions apply to Imperials - ( ... ... ... ... .... ... ) This should encourage more to join the less popular side.

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