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My very first raid

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01.18.2012 , 09:40 AM | #11
I already forgot most of the things in the first post, but I'll back him up a little bit on a few of the issues.

The front left escape pod will kill you more times that it will not. Do not take that pod. We have not had this issue with any other pods.

After finishing an attempt on Gharj, regardless of if you wipe or if you kill him, there are times where people will randomly get oneshot. This does 0 durability damage and while annoying, does absolutely no harm and usually causes laughs. It usually lasts for a few seconds and people will get picked off one by one, but can be res'ed and you can move on.

The camera twitch bug is a well known bug, I've almost died to it a couple times but haven't actually had it kill me yet. Sometimes your camera will just randomly spin and your character with it.

Gharj not resetting after a wipe is a known bug. Just reset your phases, redo trash, and kill the boss. It doesn't happen most of the time, but sometimes it does.... and it's annoying.

Now, regarding people not finding their way.... that's just bad playing. The starting area is an oval no bigger than 50 meters with only 1 path leading out which is clearly shown almost nomatter where you are standing on your minimap. Super easy to find your way to the boss... and your way around the instance as it is a linear path with no possible way to get lost since you can only go 2 ways, either forward, or back to where you were.
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01.18.2012 , 09:43 AM | #12
It really just sounds like unfamiliarity with raiding in general and the new material you were facing. You admitted to largely being pvp-oriented, and the playstyle in pve and pvp can be vastly different.

Operations require more diligent teamwork, positioning of bosses, and avoidance of damage. Healing is not 100% your healer's job, everyone needs to know what mechanics they can avoid to reduce incoming damage. Standing in bad stuff, not line-of-siting certain mechanics, etc, can ruin a raid experience. If the boss turns big and red, he's enraged and will 1 shot people because you didnt kill him fast enough - this is the dps check. I've run EV the last 2 weeks in a row with little difficulty.

Edit: Also be sure that everyone is in their proper roles; a pvp dps-spec'd juggernaut has no business standing toe-to-toe with a raid boss as the tank, just as a madness spec'd sorcerer has no business serving as a healer in this sort of content. Each person needs to be spec'd and geared specifically for the role they intend to serve. This may be different from the pvp hybrid specs a pvp-oriented guild may be accustomed to.

The only 'bugs' we experienced involved the boss not spawning after the towers and mobs were down, Gharj not sinking each island normally, and then not granting weekly quest credit upon his death to half the raid. The 'Death Pod' or 'Suicide Pod' as we like to call it is a known random occurrence, and I'm not entirely sure it's a bug and usually gets 1 or 2 people each time - laugh it off over vent, come back, pick a different one.

Failing at your first attempt does not make you bad, nor does it necessarily mean that bugs are to be blamed - inexperience does not equal bad. Try again, watch out for mechanics that can be avoided, and you'll figure it out!
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01.18.2012 , 09:53 AM | #13
went in last night, took a few new guys.

one of the new guys died on entry.
2% wipe on Soa (didnt notice i lost aggro while spinning camara round :/ )
cleared EV
again same new guy dies on entry twice (left him on floor dead second time)
Cleared the other boss (Rancor)
job done in 1hr 30mins
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01.18.2012 , 09:56 AM | #14
Would you people quit jumping on him for not having a super experienced raid group? His issues have nothing to do with the abilities of the raid and everything to do with bugs that should not occur.

Christ. My raid's dropping nightmare mode and even we had a few wipes on the first night we went in on normal, and we experienced every single bug he's talking about. The average human being isn't a savant that's going to instantly realize how to do something when they may have no frame of reference. "Just go watch a video, noob" is a ****** response, because even when you read strats or watch videos, wipes will happen among people who have not personally experienced it. They're a great reference, but they're no replacement for performing the encounter. The average person must see or do something three times to fully commit that experience to memory. In conclusion, shut the **** up you elitist *****s.

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01.18.2012 , 10:04 AM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Anundir View Post
Guess it was our bad guild that caused the following during our first EV run.

1. Zoned in and people randomly died while exiting escape pods
2. Kiled the trash and turrets to have the 1st boss not spawn twice causing us to reset the instance and clear the trash/turrets again until he magically spawned.
3. Cleared to the lava boss and had to reset the instance twice (And reclear all of the trash) because we wiped, were stuck in combat and could not reenter the zone. (Guess that was a feature)
4. Got to SOA, learned the fight and had pillars fall on the boss but not knock him out of shield. (Guess that's another Feature or our terribad play that caused that issue)

The raid game in this game is a bugfest and Bioware either does not have a QA Department testing thier raid game or they just shoved it out to the door knowing it was buggy.
!) Oh well it was good for wtfs and laughs when it happened to us; we still laugh about it
2) This is your fault you MUST remain near the turrets for him to spawn .. there have been many posts on this.
3) Again a known bug that should have been fixed with 1.1 what MMO hasn't had bugs in Raids It hasn't even been 30 days yet.
4) not believable your tank may need some new glasses
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01.18.2012 , 10:04 AM | #16
the gharj bug is fixed by simply not exiting after you die, wait till the entire party dies then everyone zone. if someone exits first and is showing alive but on the fleet the game tries to kill them and eventually it will, just wait for the wipe then everyone go back to the medcenter. that is a easy fix. the camera panning thing this happens tome alot when i use forcespeed while trying to look around. i think the force speed speeds up my panning of the camera. that is pretty much the only bugs i think was a factor in our raid last night besides the speeder randomly killing people. simple thing is wait till everyone is dead before you release from the fight and that bug wont ever bother your raid.