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Looking for gear. Comment please

MartinSwift's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 12:50 AM | #1
Howdy all,

So I finished up on Voss and now I'm on Corellia. I did all the Heroics that I thought were on Voss, but I must have missed one or two. When I play games I get really OCD and like to get matching armor, so when I was on Voss I noticed that the Heroics and some of my story quest were rewarding me with orange gear all with the same beginning name "Quadranium War". I was able to get almost all of the pieces except for the helm and the leggings. I'm a Commando Trooper. Does anyone recall which mission they received an orange helm or leggings on Voss. They are class specific so the name of yours may be different than mine, but the missions still yield the same part of armor.


Yes I know its a Bounty Hunter Helm, but that's the picture they put with it on


Please guys and gals any help at all would be much appreciated!