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Game won't run twice

sleyes's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 10:41 AM | #1
I'm really frustrated by this problem: I can't seem to run SWTOR twice in a row during a single boot of my system... that is, i can start and play the game fine, but if i quit (say to have dinner) and return to launch the game, I get a black screen and a stuck progress wheel. I have to power down the entire system (no cntrl-alt-del), reboot TWICE, thent he game runs fine again. If i remember to reboot the system before restarting SWTOR, no problem occurs. WTH is going on?

Sorry, not a PC veteran here.

I'm running WIndows 7 Home premium 64bit on a DOghouse Mobius laptop, intel core 2 duo p8700 @ 2.53 ghz. 8GB ram.