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Foundry HM vs Revan

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01.17.2012 , 01:58 PM | #11
As for HM Revan, here are some facts about this encounter:

- You need tank with decent gear that can pop his cooldowns to survive one tick of force lightning. Force lightning is casted somewhere between 35% and 30% of Revan's heath. If your tank dies, instant CR him.
- You need instant interrupt on the above mentioned ability so it only ticks once.
- You need very strong DPS that can burn him down from 35% - save your cooldowns for this time, with weak DPS you can't beat Revan.
- That being said, FIGHT IS BUGGED.
- When you "kill" Revan and he pops his shield that makes him immune to all incoming DMG, he still attacks players and one shots them. This should be the end of fight. If this happens to you, just wipe, try again and hope for the best.
- Not sure if the DMG done by force lightning is intended. It is possible that this hard mode encounter just requires good gear (seems unlikely, probably will get nerfed/fixed soon).
- Another minor bug I noticed is that beating him does not award player with codex entry in achievements: epic enemies tab. Conspiracy theory: BioWare intentionally made this fight impossible so people cry less about Revan being roflstomp easy boss?
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01.17.2012 , 02:44 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Reano View Post
Thanks for the vid, fun watch. We actually just had dps stay in on his Force Storm to maximize the burn phase. The damage is negligible with personal defensive cd's, hots, or even a nice IA group bubble.

That being said, we pushed him to 4-5% multiple times, his bubble triggered, but instead of starting his rp he just continued to smash faces. I know that there was a bug on regular mode where if you dps'd too hard you could accidentally push past his bubble rp so it felt like this same issue was carrying over.

We'll keep trying.

If I'm not mistaken, if you actually push him into RP phase while he's channeling an ability, it will skip RP entirely and continue face rolling your group. Be sure you're careful about that. I read they fixed this bug, but with this games ongoing issues, I wouldn't doubt if it's still there. Good luck!~
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