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Character Saturation Problems

BlueCommando's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 10:35 AM | #1
This problem started after I clicked the 'Play' button on the launcher and I reached the character creation screen, it takes about 2 minutes before the actual character shows up and when they do the skin and clothes are slightly grayed out and darkened.

This problem also occurred in the Beta throughout the whole game as well as the character creation screen, if I look my character in the face the colors are grayed out however if I rotate the character the back of their heads don't have this problem.

I have updated my graphics card and restarted my computer a few times and nothing has worked, I took a few pictures to show the problem however I haven't been able to find where they are located. I understand this might be a problem on my end and nothing to do with the game, but I've tried everything I could think of and nothings worked, any help would be appreciated.
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