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My own little fanfiction: Cade, the Time Travel Ordeal

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My own little fanfiction: Cade, the Time Travel Ordeal

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01.17.2012 , 12:54 PM | #1
Star Wars: Cade Skywalker's Time Travel Ordeal:

A powerful Trandoshan Sith lord has discovered and acquired time travel capabilities. Fortunately, not too much longer after the Sith discovered the Rakata ruins Cade Skywalker and crew knew of the plan. The story begins 3,100 years ago in the Old Republic timeline. In his crew are an Ortolan smuggler named Bill, black human Jedi named Michael, and a wookie Jedi named James.

Darth Qyzatinu: This is the distant past, interesting, and the Empire doesn’t even know where this planet, Tython is in this point in time! If only I could find the whereabouts of Satele, she helped the Republic gain strength in this timeline so it’s logical that she’d be a high priority target.

(Meanwhile at the Jedi ruins)

Satele: I feel a very strong negative force, far stronger than anything else previously known.

Jedi Master 1: I will consult Jase of the Havok Squad immediately, though I don’t like their chances to be honest with you.

Jedi Master 2: The force is telling me that we should protect Satele at all costs, but, there is a great hope, I can feel that something will eventually stop him, but we’ll need Havok to slow down this powerful darkness long enough for it to arrive. We'll also supply them with some of our Jedi.

(Havok Squad ambushes Darth Qyzatinu. An Ewok Havok jumps from a tree really fast and hits Darth Qyzatinu in the face with his assault cannon in midair and does a barrel roll when he lands. He takes them all out but Jase and an Ortolan Havok are his last victims that he dispatches of with a fast push with the force and hits them with purple lightning when they’re down. At this point Cade and his crew catch up to the time travel portal, but Darth Qyzatinu makes his way to the Jedi Temple.)

Satele: Please, no! I beg of you, please do not kidnap me!

Darth Qyzatinu: Ha! You are in no position whatsoever to be making demands at me! Jedi make for a delicious stew! Nom nom nom nom! I’m hungry for some force sensitive human stake.

Satele: Stop this at once! You’ll be sorry!

Darth Qyzatinu: Ha! I am the most powerful force in this universe! And besides, it is unbecoming of food to speak!

(Meanwhile, Cade ventures to the Temple)

Jedi Master 1: You! You’re our only hope! A couple of hours ago Satele was kidnapped by a trandoshan sith lord!

Cade: Yeah, I know the guy, he’s why I’m here. I’ve been tracking the bastard down for awhile now. You must be the sorriest bunch of Jedi I’ve ever seen.

Jedi Master 2: We aren’t weak, he was just amazingly powerful.

Cade: Yeah yeah, whatever you say. Anyway, do you have an idea where he might have taken her?
Jedi Master 1: This holo of Satele should have some answers:

Satele: “He’s bringing me to Tatooine! I will project the exact coordinates with the force. As powerful as he is he thankfully can’t see through the psychic smokescreen I’m projecting.”

Michael: I wouldn’t be so confident about that, he may be deceiving you.
James: This could have negative ramifications for the future!

Bill: Gee, you think!

Cade: Guys, guys, we have a lead and we should follow it. Say, any of you pathetic weaklings have a ship I can “borrow”? I left mine a long time from now on a planet far, far away. Ships can’t travel through those kinds of portals, ya know?

Jedi Master 1: Yes, we’ll lend you a ship, just… may the force be with you.
(They head to Tatooine, and use a taxi)

Taxi bot: Reminder, mechanized travel is for official business onleh!
Michael: My friend, rescue is official business.

Taxi bot: Very well then.

(They get off at their destination and head to where they think Satele is, but are ambushed by a minion of Darth Qyzatinu, a Jar Jar Binks Sith named Darth Jor Jor)

Darth Jor Jor: Meesa ambush you, ya!?

Cade: Where is Satele! I will find her, and you will die!

Darth Jor Jor: Satele not here! Master fooled you! Now you die!

(A bunch of Sith come out and attack them)

Bill: Let’s do this!

(The crew easily dispatches of all the sith, but Jor Jor got away)

Cade: Damn! Where could she be?!

(Darth Malgus approaches them)

Darth Malgus: Please, do not jump to any conclusions here, for I am no match for even a single one of you never mind you and your crew! I come not as an enemy, but to tell you where Satele is, for you see, that Trandochan sithlord poses a grave threat to the emperor himself and wishes to take his place, and he can do it with no effort whatsoever.

Cade: Why should I help you, baldy?

Darth Malgus: Because if you don’t your precious Republic will be destroyed. He is just too powerful for us to contain, and you are the only ones who can stop him.

(After a long journey they venture to Dormund Kaas and infiltrate the imperial palace)
Darth Jor Jor: Your journey ends here! You die now!

(They fight Jor Jor, and he wasn’t much of a match for them. When he tried getting up the Ortolan smuggler Bill hit him in the back of the head with his blaster)

Michael: Cool man!

James: Tougher than I expected, but the worst is still ahead of us.

Cade: Now it’s time for the daring rescue! Time to kick some trandochan butt!

Darth Qyzatinu: I suspected that you would make it this far Cade (uses force sleep to put his crew to sleep)

Michael: Must… not… give in to tiredness… ugh (falls asleep)

James: I… will… persevere…

Cade: Fine, I don’t need them to take you on! Give me all you got lizard brain!

Darth Qyzatinu: Very well (They have a light saber duel and throw stuff at each other with the force. Cade eventually hangs over a ledge and…)

Darth Qyzatinu: Before I finish you off I have something important to tell you, I am your father!

Cade: That’s impossible!

Darth Qyzatinu: I know the truth is hard to accept, but you will accept it in time and join me on the dark side.

Cade: Umm, no, I really mean it’s impossible! I’m a human and you’re a trandochan for cryin’ out loud!

Darth Qyzatinu: Think about it, why didn’t I travel back in time, kill Luke Skywalker, and ensure you were never born?

Cade: I still won’t believe your lies!

Darth Qyzatinu: Well, it was worth a shot anyway. If you won’t join me, you die!

(Cade plummets, then uses the force to fly up, flip, and start dueling him again. Michael then jumps and hits Qyzantinu with his shoulder and knocks him off balance, draws out his lightsaber, and…)

Michael: I got your back man!

Darth Qyzantinu: Very well, I still outmatch you!

(After a half a minute of fighting James uses his invisibility powers, flies up, becomes visible again then falls on Qyzantinu)

Cade: Good work!

Darth Qyzantinu: This is getting really annoying! I hate even matches!

(Bill finishes off Qyzantinu by shooting Qyzatinu from behind at a distance.)

Cade: Nice shot little man!

Michael: Now it’s time to find that Jedi cutie pie!

(Cade uses his lightsaber to cut Satele through her cell)

Satele: My hero! It’s quite an honor to be rescued by such a dashing, handsome, and rugged Jedi such as yourself!

Cade: Shut up baby I know it!

Satele: Hehehehe

(He carries Satele to the ship)

Cade: So, do you want to go back to Tython?

Satele: And hang out with those weak losers? No thank you! I’d rather be with a truly strong Jedi such as yourself. I watched your battle while out of body and I must say… that was impressive, how you saved the damsel from the big mean lizard Sith!

Cade: Hey beautiful, would you like to be known as Satele Skywalker?

Satele: (Excitedly says) OMG yes!

Cade: Let’s get hitched right now then! (They seek out a Jedi Master who is a Yoda species to oversee the ceremony after much planning. Satele is wearing a beautiful white dress, they kiss, Cade carries her to the ship’s master bedroom and puts up a sign that says, “Do not disturb”)

The end.

I hope you liked it and if you didn't that's kewl too. Just tell me what you think I know it isn't canon but I'm trying to not go too far from it.

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01.17.2012 , 12:59 PM | #2
I hope this is a joke, and if it isn't, I hope you didn't spend long on it.

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01.17.2012 , 01:04 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Yeltrah View Post
I hope this is a joke, and if it isn't, I hope you didn't spend long on it.
No, I didn't. I like the idea of a Trandoshan Sith Lord because they are big and scary looking, and Ortolans aren't given big roles in the SWU and I figured having one as Cade's sidekick would be great. At least tell me you thought the Havok Ewok was awesome! You are casually going to summon force wind to knock down the most elite troopers the Republic has to offer and all of a sudden this short furry dude in armor with an assault cannon comes out of nowhere and sucker hits you in midair. That would be awesome to see!