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()() Hardmode EV raid finally gives up.

Monoth's Avatar

01.17.2012 , 01:59 AM | #41
Unfortunately in Beta Bioware could never get the server with the high level toons to work properly so all the end game content pretty much never got tested except internally which IMO did a poor job at it...

I guess it's no different then any other MMO that has released, end game content buggy and broken... just have to wait for patches....

meanwhile here's an Alt to roll
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anotomie's Avatar

01.17.2012 , 06:01 AM | #42
if i had any issues with the bugs (sure they are annoying, but whatever. im used to worse) i might just roll an alt and actually watch the amazing storyline unfold. first game where i actually enjoyed lvling - even while skipping most dialogues.

KairusRH's Avatar

01.17.2012 , 09:16 AM | #43
Yeah I will give it that the leveling is awesome.

Windkull's Avatar

01.17.2012 , 10:27 AM | #44
I do have to say that Cthun could not possibly have been killed in a week, and even if you did, the nature resist optional boss couldn't have been... (don't actually NEED NR for Cthun)...

After that there was NO WAY you clear Naxx 40man in a week, the later fights were too tightly tuned to do without at least some gear farming, and unless you had a 40 man raid that could go for days straight there was no way you got enough tries in...

Pearz's Avatar

01.17.2012 , 12:31 PM | #45
Our MT said it best with "We are paying to beta test this game." I love this game, but the rampant un-professionalism on Bioware's part has really bogged me down (and my guildies as well). The bugs could at least be tolerable if the customer service wasn't so despicable. Every frustration I have reported has been met with the same pre-recorded response. I'm starting to wonder what my money is going toward when I cannot even enjoy a STAR WARS game because the bugs are too ubiquitous.

I don't want to cancel my subscription; I want to play this game. I just don't want to pay for a headache.
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01.17.2012 , 12:50 PM | #46
I'm confused OP: you start off by talking about the bugs in operations (totally legitimate point) and how they affect your guild's progression.

Then you talk about how there isn't enough end-game content to keep your guild satisfied?

Maybe you meant to say there isn't enough bug-free content to keep your guild satisfied? I don't see how there isn't enough content to keep your guild satisfied if you have yet to clear all the content?

My point is that I really see 2 issues in your post, not 1. You have valid complaints, and I'm not trying to intentionally troll, just sorting through your post so I can understand. I hope I didn't offend and I'm sorry if I misinterpreted anything.