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Why we should not compare Jedi against Space Marines

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Why we should not compare Jedi against Space Marines

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01.17.2012 , 04:21 AM | #1
I've made a post, so why not make a topic, huh?

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Fellas, don't compare apples to oranges, please...

I've already stated that, but it went unnoticed so far, so here's my thoughts:

Jedi are not comparable to Space marines \ Chaos marines \ Boyz \ etc. Why? Because they do not perform the job of a heavy superior trooper, that's why.

Jedi do: maintain public order and quell unrests, councel, supervise or lead investigations, advise, encourage comrades and lead them in battle, resist the Dark Side and hunt the Sith.

Jedi don't do or tend no to do: assault planets in vast numbers, storm fortresses, hold the line.

The profile stated above, suits Inquisitors, Comissars, Arbitres. All of them are a capable adversaries for the Jedi.

Jedi vs. Space Marine is like a rapier against battle axe.