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Wind Crystal?

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12.27.2011 , 02:15 PM | #11
I sell them for upwards of 1-1.5K each and they fly off the shelves.
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12.29.2011 , 05:46 PM | #12
LOL my first treasure hunting mission got 2 of them

ahah luck.

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12.29.2011 , 06:22 PM | #13
Funny enough, I've got 5 of these crystals between Archeology (125) & Treasure Hunting (202). Though my Artifice is only 80 or so, so I haven't needed them yet, I just banked them. I assume these are for high level item crafting?

On an unrelated side note; which craft skill is best for making implants? I've heard that both Cybertech & Biotech have them.

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12.30.2011 , 11:32 PM | #14
I just randomly got them lol

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12.31.2011 , 07:56 PM | #15
When you reverse engineer a green recipe item, you MAY get a blue recipe, which needs fire node. When you reverse engineer a blue recipe item you MAY get a purple recipe that requires wind crystals to make. Blue is better than green and has the same level requirement. Purple is even better with same level requirements. I am still doing low level crafting (level 83 Arifice) so there is most likely more higher tiers that require other special items to craft blue and purple items.

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01.03.2012 , 09:12 PM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by Marci_Bloodfin View Post
wind crystal energy.. isn't that for village phase 3?
ha I love it miss the hell out of that game still

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01.16.2012 , 01:17 PM | #17
I still don't know what these cystals are for i got like 6....

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01.16.2012 , 01:38 PM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by LordZym View Post
I still don't know what these cystals are for i got like 6....
Colored Crystal Enhancements. The low level purple ones.

I used it to make a level 9 red purple crit crystal. (+4 crit)

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01.16.2012 , 02:03 PM | #19
The purple, rare gems used for creating artifact level Artificing gear appear to only come from companions that have a +Crit in Treasure Hunting.

I can not prove this, but in maxing my Artificing skill, I NEVER got a artifact gem mat from any companion other than Kira and Vette. Not even once in uncountable missions on the way to 400. Kira seemed to get them on a rare occasion.

Also, since Sith Warriors get a +5 Crit and Jedi Knights only get a +1 Crit, it seems that Sith Warriors might have a significant advantage.

Again, this is only my personal experience, so it can't be taken as proof.
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01.16.2012 , 08:29 PM | #20
haha funny reading how rare this is. My arch. is lvl 15 and I have 2 already...been trying to find them on the auction house to see what to sell for but cant find any.