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Question about companion stories

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Question about companion stories

NecroVisage's Avatar

01.15.2012 , 02:39 PM | #1
Does gender play a role in how the companion stories progress BESIDES being able/unable to romance the said companion?

For example, currently I am playing a female trooper, and ever since I've got the rescueing brother quest (which Elara did by herself without initiating an actual quest; is this also a difference in gender? I had to actually go through action in Nar Shaddaa for the Aric Jorgan companion quest), I haven't got anything from her at all. I'm at the beginning of Act 2; got 7k affection with her (simply having used her a lot due to needing heals).

From what I've read from internet was that I am supposed to get a quest around level 28ish which includes dealing with some bureaucrat demending more 'inspection' on Elara's past, which I've never got. (I am level 32 atm.)

I am suspecting that all the rest of Elara's story quests revolves around romancing her, hence female trooper not getting anything out of her, much to my disappointment - is that true? In that case, does all the companion story quests revolve around romance, open only to the opposite-gender player? I would still have loved to go through each character's story line regardless of romance.