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01.15.2012 , 12:37 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by zittra View Post

It is very hard to make a group for a flashpoint. do you know that? It's not fun. It takes a lot of time! I won't pay for this "waiting time". You must implement LFG system to the game. This is an essential part of an MMO! Why you did not implement it?? I don't understand!
Hmm, really? I'm guessing you have less than 2 years exp in MMO's. Make some friends, join a guild and be social. Don't like it? Go back to single player games.
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01.15.2012 , 12:54 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Xamek View Post
Not pure lobby as wow? At the moment we are sitting on our fleet trying to look on general chat if some1 is shouting that they need people to complete quest, moreover in high times where there are a lot of people there is so massive general spam that I have to scroll for every massage I want to read. No one is using lfg comment option in /who
I find it much easier to get a flash point group if you go to the questing planet of your level. Not sure about level 50, but the planets I've been to even have shuttles back to the flash point.

I'm against the lfg tool myself, I prefer to physically form a group and even physically enter the dungeon compared to being teleported from anywhere in the game. But if they do add it, I hope it's just a server wide system, before Rift went cross server it was fun to group with familiar names and even see them later on while questing or in a city.

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01.15.2012 , 12:58 PM | #13
Seriously? i find groups all the time we do not need a stupid tool.
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01.15.2012 , 12:59 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by renegadeimp View Post
No thankyou. I'd prefer this game didnt become a pure lobby game like wow became.

Using the /who feature and having people actually use it works perfectly fine.
It doesnt work for "light" servers.

Just to inform you.

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01.15.2012 , 02:33 PM | #15
For the love of goodness please implement a LFG tool. Detractors in this thread seem to enjoy waiting around spamming channels, but most of us don't have time for that, or seem to value our time more than they do.

You'll have more happy subscribers if level 50s can play without sitting in Fleet for 2 hours or for people who make alts who would rather play Flashpoints (to couple with new Class quests) instead of doing the same planet quests over again.

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01.15.2012 , 02:39 PM | #16
Hello everyone,

In order to keep the forums tidy and conversations in one place please use this thread to discuss the pros and cons of LFD and Dungeon Finders, we will be closing this current thread.