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Flash point difficulty and tunning

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01.15.2012 , 02:07 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by sharkfinsix View Post
1 vanguard, 1 consular 2 pets. 45 mins. 1 wipe.
Did it once with 18th Powertech and 19th Inquisitor Sorc. I think we must have just gotten really lucky because we tried it again and gave up after wiping about 10 times on last boss. Rest of it was pretty easy, but that last boss is really tough with only 2 peeps. My wife was playing the Inquis and just couldn't dps down the adds and heal at the same time. Tried again at 22nd with the addition of an Inquis Assas and it was a piece of cake. Almost too easy.

I would like to see more flashpoints as the two that I've done so far (BT and Hammer) are pretty short, although I'm sure that will come with time and/or levels.

One thing we did learn for anyone trying to two man it, don't let a pet tank that last boss. I think that was the biggest mistake we were making when we were trying to two man it. We were letting the Inquis pet tank it while the two of us burned down the adds. It's much, much better if a player tanks him 100% of the time because you have to keep him turned away from the group so his machine gun blast doesn't hit the group.