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Only 6 codex entries on Taris?

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Only 6 codex entries on Taris?

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01.15.2012 , 04:22 AM | #1
Dear Community!

I hope that I have picked the right forum, but I have a request as far as the codex an Taris is concerned.

When looking in my progress bar list of codex entries per planet, it says "5/6" for Taris, which would mean that there are only 6 entries on Taris over all.

I am quite sure, that I have already picked up more than 5 codex entries on Taris, which means that I can't explain why it says "5/6".

I am playing on Republic side with a German client. I have completed Taris, which means that I have 5 datacrons (this would be 5 entries) and I know all the areas (there should be more entries for them). If I am not mistaken, I should have more than 5 entries.

Is anyone of you having this issue? Is it known? I asked members of my guild and they all had the correct number in their progress bar list.

Thank you for your help.