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Gladiators from wow

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > PvP
Gladiators from wow

Nazutron's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 08:41 AM | #71
wow gladiator vs jedi 2bladed ziiiiiermm

Pluvius's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 08:54 AM | #72
Quote: Originally Posted by Feenster View Post
Nice! I was a Grand Marshal as well. Good to see old school pvpers coming into the fold for star wars.
That aint old school Uo is old school !

Vagitarianne's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 08:58 AM | #73
not a glad... never arena'd. seemed... boring. however i will love to come fight against ya when i finally get my f'n invite

I'm a bg person myself, so hopefully the wz will sate me

edit: did reach marshal tho... was completely burned out from the honor grind after that, if any of you remember the honor grind