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OK We have Bashed the Prequels. But what would have made them BETTER?

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OK We have Bashed the Prequels. But what would have made them BETTER?

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01.13.2012 , 02:43 PM | #1
Name a few things you think would have made the Prequels better, assuming the same General storyline is kept the same, which of course it has to be. These can be anything from things within the film or outside, ie Director/Scriptwriting etc.

1. No Prophecy. No Chosen One. No Mediclorians (or however you spell it). How about just a story about a powerful young Jedi Anakin Skywalker.

2. Make the general feel of the films more Adult. Why make a kids movie when your fan base have grown up into ADULTS? No Jar Jar Binks or comparable characters.

3. Much less CGI and more of a real look to locations. CGI at the moment is not all its cracked up to be. Use CGI when necessary, Gollum for example. Don't make the entire movie into a CGI cartoon.

4. 1 or 2 meaningful lighsaber duels per film. Not 5 like in Revenge of the Sith. They actually got this right with Menace and Clones.

5. Hire a capable Director and a team of good scripwriters.

6. Start with Anakin as a young Adult and remove the need for switching Actors. Perhaps even remove Qui Gon Jin altogether and start with Obi Wan and Anakin together.

7. Bring a much loved character like Yoda into the plot more. Unlike Phantom Menace where he basically sits in the Council Chamber, not involved in the plot at all.

8. Remove silly rules that make no sense and hold back the movies potential, like There are ONLY 2 Sith or the Jedi do not have children.

9. Don't skip briefly over important sequences within the movie. Yoda's escape from Kashyyk for example. Show us a battle between Yoda and the Wookies taking on the Clones or the attack on the Jedi temple. Generally try to have less going on so you can give more time to what should have been highlights of the film.

10. Get the Emperor more invloved. A fascinating character from ROTJ lets see him get a bit more active. No need to hide his face behind a cloak for the first two parts, we all know who he is.

11. Interesting characters. Where is the Han Solo of the prequels?

12. Remove R2 and C3PO from the prequels altogether. I mean cmon it is a litle bit silly.

Many more I'm sure.

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01.13.2012 , 02:45 PM | #2
Maybe Owen Lars as a much more prominent character. I really missed having a grounded, down-to-earth 'normal' character like Han Solo in the Prequels.
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01.13.2012 , 02:52 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by smartalectwo View Post
Maybe Owen Lars as a much more prominent character. I really missed having a grounded, down-to-earth 'normal' character like Han Solo in the Prequels.
Yep, 2 Stoic Jedi, a Stoic child Queen, a child and Jar Jar does not make for very interesting viewing.

Perhaps Jango Fett as the Rogue Hero rather than have him an ally of the Sith.

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01.13.2012 , 02:59 PM | #4
Honestly, none of the Star wars films, including the originals, felt very "adult" like to me.

But I agree with less CGI.

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01.13.2012 , 03:03 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Seductivpancakes View Post
Honestly, none of the Star wars films, including the originals, felt very "adult" like to me.
My point was we have had Star Wars, a kind of semi Adult/Kids movie mashup that really worked then the Prequels came along and made a full blown Kids movie, whilst the huge fanbase that the movies had have AGED. So why not age the movie from semi Adult/Kids movie to outright ADULT movie rather than go backwards.

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01.13.2012 , 03:22 PM | #6
Get rid of midichlorians! Seriously; "The Force" is now essentially a sexually transmitted disease?

Does that mean you have to wear a condom when you play with your lightsaber now?

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01.13.2012 , 03:28 PM | #7
Episode 1: Introduce Anakin and Obi. Show some Jedi training scenes, some action scenes with Anakin showing off his prowess. At the end have Anakin meet Padme, briefly.

Episode 2: Brief, short scenes of Padme and Anakin establishing the union, but not focusing on it. Lengthy Clone Wars scenes, reminiscent of the animated series, jedi fights, space battles, etc... End movie showing Anakins seduction to the Dark Side almost complete.

Episode 3: Vader being Vader. Hunting Jedi, bashing rebels. Vader in all his glory.
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01.13.2012 , 03:33 PM | #8
1 villian throughout all of it. I'm not talking about Darth Sideous but think of the OT we had Vader all the way through the trilogy.

Darth Maul should have been there for all three instead of making him just a throw away villain who has 2 lines and then dies.

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01.13.2012 , 03:34 PM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Seductivpancakes View Post
Honestly, none of the Star wars films, including the originals, felt very "adult" like to me.

But I agree with less CGI.

Empire does which is why kids tend to hate it but then love it when they become older.

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01.13.2012 , 04:09 PM | #10
1st Movie:

Jar-Jar should be a well-meaning clutz who sounds like Don Knotts or Lou Costello, not a semi-racist caricature who speaks in barely comprehensible pigdin. And the other Gungans should just speak regular Basic or in subtitled alienspeak.

Queen Amidala really ought to be 14 year-old Princess Amidala, who becomes important after her mother, the rightful Queen of Naboo, is kidnapped or killed by the Trade Federation. For extra plot comprehensibility, give her a really obnoxious younger brother or evil uncle claiming he's the rightful heir, and willing to serve as the Trade Federation's puppet. That would explain the Senate's reluctance to actually do anything to enforce the peace better than all the cryptic mumbo-jumbo and pseudo-poli-sci handwaving the existing film tried to feed us.

9-year old Anakin should display the same precocious confidence and savvy piloting a starfighter that he did as a pod pilot. He should blow up the battlestation on purpose, highlighting the fact that he is the most exceptional 9-year old in the Galaxy.

Schmee should be freed at the end of the film, and choose to remain on Tatooine.

2nd Film:

Anakin should be likeable, self-confident and modest- instead of the needy emo whiner & braggart we get in the existing film.

When Anakin has his bad dream about his mother, Obi-Wan should point out that he's probably just anxious because in Schmee's last letter she talked about getting married, and that he's probably just unsettled by the thought. He should promise they can visit her on Tatooine as soon as the mission is completed. That way Obi-Wan comes across as less of clueless, blundering jerk.

Padme should fall in love with Anakin, and Anakin should be the conflicted one. The existing film portrayed Anakin as someone who had remained semi-obsessed with Padme for 10 years. That was _creepy_ and off-putting, not romantic. It would be the most natural thing in the world, though, for an unattached young woman in an adventure story to fall in love with the handsome young warrior who saves her life. And for even the most committed Jedi to turn to her in grief after Schmee's gruesome death.

Better dialogue for the romance plot all around. Nobody wants to hear about an emo kid talk about sand during a romance story. Even a dialogue-free montage of romantic moments would have been vastly superior to what we got.

3rd Movie:
Anakin should be a likeable guy as in movie 2. But he should be obviously conflicted about the war, eager for the day its over and he can resign as a Jedi and be with Padme. We should probably hear about or see some examples of Jedi who have gone Darkside in the course of fighting the war.

Anakin's precognitive vision should be of Padme dying from a mortal wound inflicted via a purple lightsaber. His growing distrust of the Jedi order, and Mace Windu in particular, would then be more natural.

Mace Windu should be a very borderline hero, a harsh, militant man who may well be leading the entire Jedi order down the path of the dark side in his ever more fanatical effort to prosecute the war and root out the Sith. Ideally, Mace Windu kills DooKoo under dodgy circumstances, NOT Anakin. Windu should appear to be the force openly driving the war, not Palpatine's effort to gain power.

Palpatine should sound less like a snake-oil salesman while talking about the potential of using force techniques for healing and the preservation of life. He should not use the word "Sith" even once, let alone talk about Darth Pelagius, who is not in the Jedi archives if Anakin thinks to look....leading to some fairly obvious conclusions.

When Palpatine reveals himself as a Sith, he should continue to be likeable, and his claims that the Jedi under Mace Windu are out of control should at least appear plausible.

Anakin should arrive at Palapatine's apartment just as Windu is about to strike the fatal blow. He should have no time to think at all before killing Windu. Windu should never even get the chance to talk.

Palpatine's first order to Vader should be to take the Jedi younglings into _custody_, so they can be liberated from the now corrupt Jedi cult. The man is an inhuman monster, but he's not STUPID. Every one of those kids is a potential Sith apprentice if something happens to Vader.

Obi-Wan should recover Mace Windu's body, and pick up the unique purple lightsaber, to use in place of the one destroyed during his battle with Grievous.

Anakin should not force-choke Padme. Padme should follow Obi-Wan to Mustafar to warn Anakin that Obi-Wan intends to kill him.

The fight between Obi-Wan and Anakin should open as a sneak attack with Obi-Wan hurling the purple lightsaber at Anakin.....only to watch in horror as Padme unexpectedly interposes herself to save her lover's life and suffers a seemingly mortal wound. Believing her dead at Obi-Wan's hand, Anakin, justifiably enraged and full of hate, NOW falls to the dark side.

Fight proceeds as in existing film.

Padme should regain consciousness, but lose hope and give up the struggle to survive after Obi-Wan tells her Anakin is dead.