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Space Combat

GrimRictus's Avatar

01.13.2012 , 09:12 AM | #1
Hey, moment I tried the space combat scenario's few things came to mind.

Why is it a scripted linear scenario where I'm guided in a certain direction, with the occasional enemy spaceships flying past me, it reminds me of a modern day Astroids or space invaders game.

It also reminded me of the brief space combat you do in Halo Reach, with the exception you have full control over your spaceship in Reach but are restricted to a certain area.

So those are my issues with it..

My suggestion is though, remove the linear elements of it, give full control over the spaceship to the player.

The potential for this is interesting though, just dissapointed it's been made so basic and more of a side scenario to be honest. Another thing that came to mind is Space PVP.. your spaceship could even be characteristic to the nature of your class.. Scoundrel/Imperial Agent cloaking devices etc.. where as the more tank like classes get more armor and are able to sustain more damage.

Anyway those are my thoughts, discuss.