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Hard Mode FP order. Which First?

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01.12.2012 , 09:29 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by eunichron View Post
The grenades don't do so much damage that they are not healable. They do splash, so make sure that your group is spread out, including melee (make sure the tank and any other melee are at their maximum attack distance).

Jorland is definitely tankable in all aspects of the fight, the only outgoing damage on the group from him should be the grenades.

The enrage is about 3 minutes, giving you a minute to kill each. If your groups gear is as you say it is then you should be able to kill two of them and have the third sub-30% before the enrage, and you should be able to kill the last one through defensive cooldowns during the enrage.

As for fresh 50 -> Columi gear progression... you do get Energized gear drops off the other bosses in FPs, which is basically Tionese level. Not quite Columi, but still better than the upgraded questing gear. There are higher level mods you can get by doing dailies on Ilum and Belsavis. There is also a lot of gear to be gotten through crafting.

Actually, the boss DOES have some kind of threat issue. We are not geared for the fight so we did not make it, however we tried to have the boss away from the group - the boss does not damage on its own, it's just the grenades - by having the healer pull and with healer aggro LoS pull above the stairs. This worked fine, except at random the boss would decide to target me - and just me, a deception assassin - and AoE us down where we were bursting down the boss' little friends. There is absolutely no way whatsoever I could outthreat the others, and to this minute we have no idea what came over him to target me of all people.

This did not happen when I was the one who was kiting the boss up there and 'tanking' him through taunts etc.

Anyway, the above tactic may prove useful for some people.