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Flashpoint Courier Spoiled Class Story

BubbleDncr's Avatar

01.12.2012 , 03:42 PM | #1
When I was level 44, a flashpoint courier protocol droid became available for me to click on in the Imperial Fleet right by the Galactic Market Kiosks. So I clicked on it, to hear about my new quest.

The droid summons a hologram, whose first sentence proceeds to spoil a major part of the upcoming Imperial Agent storyline for me. After the conversation, I check my quest log, and it's a level 49 flashpoint (sorry I don't remember the name of it at the moment).

So here I am, a few days later, at level 48, and the event that was spoiled for me finally happens. So thus, it being mentioned for a level 49 flashpoint intro makes sense, from a plot standpoint - but since you can get the quest as early as level 44, its a major spoiler for anyone in a 4 level range who just sees a quest and clicks to see what it is (note, this is for imperial agents, I don't know about any other classes).

I'm posting this as a warning for other players, but I also think Bioware should look into fixing this - it should be easy to prevent, if they just make that flashpoint courier unavailable to click until level 48.

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01.12.2012 , 05:30 PM | #2
Tion Hedgemony.

It's bugged. You got it from fleet. Everyone got the same thing.

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