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Bad customer service

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01.12.2012 , 12:55 PM | #11
Clearly the game just hates you.

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01.12.2012 , 01:22 PM | #12
I understand mostly it is a hardware issue with alot of people. I know it will end up being worked out in the end. My response was solely in the fact that everyone on here made assumptions I didn't know comps. I know 90 percent of the issue is either my driver or something on my end I.E Dust or inoperable fan. But if i play mmos as well as rpgs (Dues EX, Oblivion, ect) with zero issues and I start playing this game and all of a sudden my comp which plays wow on ultimate settings is having issues i find it hard that BW isnt to blame for the 10 percent thats causing my 90 percent to corrupt my comp. my argum,ent is the 10 percent they are saying is all our comps (coincidence?) is garbage. Their engine is causing our video cards to run at such high speeds its frying them. That nothing I can do will change as Im running the highest vid card i can get

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01.12.2012 , 01:22 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Gazingdarkness View Post
So before you decided to rag and flame. Im running ample comp resources to handle this game easily. quad core 16gig ddr3 1060 w power supply and three 6 inch verticle fans on the side with a gforce 590 graphics card. Tower is a server tower. the problem isn't with the program entering and causing the reboots. But you would know this if you had done research and read any of the numerous posts in customer service, which this post was supposed to go to but didn't. The problem is the program is causing either a corruption of ram, or causing the comp to overheat and shut down. It starts with swtor and eventually leads to other programs and games.

See here its even stickied. didn't see how you could even miss it if you went and did the right research

This type of a bug is unacceptable to any mmo standards.

But nice try. But just maybe for a though the engine bw is using is screwed and they just don't want to admit it.

P>S explain to me how not being able to enter a flashpoint because Im locked even though I never stepped foot in one or the fact my companion in conversations show up as 2 inches tall, or the fact my credits dissapear when being mailed to an alt, or the fact this post went to the wrong forum listing, or the fact....... has anything to do with my hardware.
This sticky addresses hardware/driver faults. The application would bring these to light, but not create them. While I sympathize with your situation, either your configuration, hardware faults or drivers are the cause for your reboots. The fact that BioWare is trying to help people identify the issues is above and beyond most gaming companies.

If you were more specific on your computer build I may be to help. Your computer description is somewhat vague. From what you describe you 'should' be fine, but I can tell you from my own experience that this game draws more from my rig then Skyrim/Crysis 2 on ultra on certain occasions.
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01.12.2012 , 01:45 PM | #14
My problem fixed itself. I ran a bios program to find out what my videocard clocks were and went into my settings and set limits on my video cards limits. And the problem was biowares engine. It was sending my vid card into overclocking and causing a switch to click shutting my system down before it friend. Problem im having is that most people who dont have advanced comp understanding dont know how to set limits on clocking. or use programs to run their clock speeds. My entire argument is made right in that. If all I had to do was run a program to find out what the issue was why hasn't bioware informed the other players of the fix. And thats because they are blamming bad cooling or dust when its the engine they are using thats causing the videocard to clock so fast it triggers the (nothbridge?) not sure which chip to kick its failsafe. either way. this entire conversation was a rant. Is my system at fault yes. Is bioware at fault yes. Only reason why people are even arguing about it is because they are feeling sypathetic for the developers. fact in point the devs have a job to do. Just because its an mmo doesn't excuse them from the poor work done to either address or fix their end of the problem. If they can't than they shouldn't have released swtor yet till it was fixed. A videogame shouldn't be the cause of a $1400 comp meltdown. any arguments are null at the fact theirs more bug reports being posted than any other forum. the release while smooth and staggered was good. the wuality of game is bad and needs major work done. Why do people get this unrealistic viewpoint that a devs job is hard. Its not, and why are their standards not held to the rest of society. if you went to your boss with unfinished work hed want you to finish it before it was released. and while the beta may have been productive it clearly missed major bugs that have potentially fatal consequences on peoples comps.