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Hard Boss Issues

EvilMP's Avatar

01.12.2012 , 08:04 AM | #1
Ok after this past week and the fustration me and my guildies have faced. Bioware needs to take a long hard look at these boss problems and the non response to problem tickets.

HFP: False Emperor (Boss) HK Redux - His assassination protocol - Initial tick damage as viewed through the UI and the healer is unable to compensate for it. 1st- 56K, Residual Tick 89K yeah really and then the third 103K! This is unrealistic! More issues but they seemed to be operating more effectively now. Initial encounter of BH boss ship was taking no dmg as of lastnight the ship was able to be damaged by the consoles. Trando boss whirlwind seemed to appearantly visual now but did conduct a random one shot on heavy armored tank. Still at this time I don't understand that mechanic as to why he does this and it is very sporadic.

HFP: Battle of Illum Boss: Third Location behind second half that spawns the adds sorry memory doesn't serve me right now on his name. Problem: Aggro table is it wiping or what is the deal because the bosses table is sporadic at best. Boss shoots a player while adds are being taken down, so the Merc LOS's the boss, tank tries to regain aggro of boss no effect. Boss continues to fixate on Merc till dead. Merc is now dead boss is still shooting the dead Merc and then enrages after no specified time limit, random.

Anyone else encounter this madness recently?