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Revan's story needs closure... (SPOILERS!!!)

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Revan's story needs closure... (SPOILERS!!!)

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01.11.2012 , 11:24 PM | #1
I'm going to assume we all know much of the story, namely surrounding the Empire-only Flashpoint "The Foundry". If you don't know, ******************DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER, AS THERE WILL BE SO MANY SPOILERS!!! MORE SPOILERS THAN ANY NORMAL HUMAN-BEING WOULD BE COMFORTABLE HEARING!*********************


So, Revan's end is kind of in a grey area. He poofs into a cloud of lightning, leading some to believe he has died, whilst leaving others to believe it go the Obi-wan route and died without leaving a body.

This isn't acceptable, BioWare.

I'm not going to sit here and pretend Revan is some fantastic, amazing character, because he isn't. What he *IS*, however, is a character we all grew to love, because after playing Knights of the Old Republic, we each felt a bond with the character, because the character was unique to each and every one of us.

At the end of the first Knights of the Old Republic, we were left with a lovely "Happily Ever After" ending. Revan saves the day, and gets to live how his/her days with Bastila or Carth. Yay! Until the sequel, which instantly robs us of our Happy-Ending by thrusting Revan in a mysterious fate.

And now, after killing the Exile in a book, Revan's fate is possibly dead in a Flashpoint that only half the population might actually see?

Here is my idea for a solution.

Satele Shan senses a disturbance in the force, and finds her way to Dantooine. There, she is met with a dieing Revan, suffering fatal wounds he received at the Foundry. He reveals his true identity as her ancestor, his life prolonged unnaturally by the Dark side of the Force.

Finally being free of the Emperor's grip, he seeks now only to find some small measure of peace before fading into the blackness. In Satele, he senses Bastila's spirit, bringing a sense of comfort, and inspiring Satele to fight the Sith Empire harder than ever. In his final moments, he is greeted by the spirits of all his former allies, as well as the Exile.

What this does, is it allows us, fans of the original KotOR games, to get that "Happily Ever After" ending we always wanted, but without necessarily tilting the Story in the Republic's favor. You could even squeeze a nice, foreboding line in there before Revan's spirit disappears, like "And Satele... beware Mandalore. His lust for war is not as easily sated as the Emperor believes...", building hype for the Empire in the process.

This isn't about doing justice to the Characters; this is about doing justice by the *Fans*. The Revan I know and love is the charming rogue, whose sense of humor was so great that even as a Sith Lord, found HK's "Meatbag" reference funny enough to program it as a standard. *NOT* the Genocidal maniac that meets his doom, in secret, by a handful of mid-level players, and has his story end in a puff of smoke.