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Tricksy's story (slave girl-turned smuggler)

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Tricksy's story (slave girl-turned smuggler)

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01.11.2012 , 04:25 PM | #1
Growing up on Ryloth was hard. Since the Hutt’s took over mining operations, many of the Twi’leks and humans were rounded up and sold as slaves. It was no different for Tricksy. Her parents were part of a team the Republic sent to help the Twi’leks. She was 4 years old when a band of Mandolorian raiders killed her parents and took her to be sold as a slave. One of the Hutts, Keeto, liked the cute little freckle-faced redhead and paid a handsome sum for her. He knew she would grow into a very beautiful woman and would be a valuable asset to his business. Since she was still just a little girl, he put her to work in the kitchens, and enrolled her in dance school. Keeto figured that starting so young, she would become one of the best dancers on the planet, and he was absolutely right. The dirty jobs she was given in the kitchen were hard, and boring, but she enjoyed learning to dance and was quite good at it. She was far brighter than anyone in Keeto’s palace knew, and she was always taking things apart to learn how they worked. She was also very intuitive, and had she ever been found by a Jedi, she probably would have been tested. She annoyed the kitchen staff by taking things apart at the worst possible times, and they begged Keeto to send her somewhere else. She had a knack for electronics and it wasn’t very long before she was moved from the kitchen to a repair lab. She helped the techs with everything from data pads to holotransmitters, and most of people in Keeto’s palace knew that if they needed something fixed, Tricksy was the one to take it to.
One day a handsome and friendly smuggler named Jonos Triv came in to get a data pad fixed. Tricksy was fascinated by him. He was good looking, nice to her, didn’t treat her like a little kid, and he was funny. She wanted to be just like him, and was always so happy to see him. He became quite fond of the little girl, and visited often. She was cute, and sassy, and could be a real handful, but he loved her like the daughter he never had. He even gave her an old, broken blaster to play with. Instead of playing with it, though, she fixed it, and even improved it. She never told anyone that the blaster worked, and did play with it frequently to keep anyone from getting suspicious. Jonos kept his ship near the palace when he was on Ryloth, and he would frequently ask for her to be sent to his ship to fix something, and when she got there, he would just let her play or teach her how to shoot or how to fly a star ship or let her use the computer to learn about anything she wanted. She was an amazing shot with a blaster, and Jonos started calling her “TrickShot,” which was eventually shortened to Tricks and then to Tricksy. She had a huge crush on him and was always thrilled to hear he was coming back to the palace.
She didn’t really remember her parents, and tried to make the best of her situation. She liked dancing, and fixing things, so it didn’t seem so bad to her until she grew to be a young woman. Just after her 12th birthday, she was sent to a new school, one that taught young girls erotic dancing. Keeto also sent her to a Twi’lek madam to learn how to please men. It was then that she learned what Keeto really had in mind for her, she was to be used as entertainment for Keeto’s business prospects, and a few hours or even a night with the red-haired beauty were a much sought after reward for any of his flunkies that pleased him enough. She was also occasionally expected to help Keeto’s cantina make a profit by dancing or offering herself to the customers.
Jonos didn’t like to see what his little girl was forced to do, so he retired, moved to Coruscant and opened a shop. Tricksy was devastated, but he came back occasionally to visit her and called her often.
Though Tricksy was disgusted at first by what she was expected to do, she found that she really enjoyed sex, and loved the attention she was getting. But she didn’t like having Keeto tell her who could have her. She wanted to say who, when and where. She hatched a daring plan to try to gain her freedom. By the time she was 20, she was an expert at making men happy, and one of the best dancers in the galaxy. She knew she was very beautiful, and that just about any male who walked in the palace longed for her. So, she started flirting with all the young men who she thought might risk getting her out of there. One young man professed his love for her, and said he would do anything for her. He was a smuggler in Keeto’s employ, and he had his own ship, so Tricksy thought he was the perfect choice, and begged him to take her away with him. She didn’t really love him, but, she really wanted to be free.
When they were brought back to the palace by bounty hunters, Keeto made her watch as the young man was tortured and slowly killed. Tricksy’s tears were hot, but not as hot as her temper. She vowed that she would see Keeto dead one day. She didn’t have too long to wait for her chance.
She was the very model of obedience for several months, and Keeto thought the lesson had been learned. She was once again back to entertaining Keeto’s clientele and secretly planning her revenge. One night, she was told to take a client to her room. She drugged his drink, and late that night, while he slept, she took her blaster and crept into Keeto’s chamber and shot him in the head, crept out to the space port and stole the ship that had belonged to her lover.
No one really missed Keeto, and the people that had worked for him were actually better off with him dead, so no great effort was ever put into finding his killer.
Tricksy contacted Jonos, and he helped her obtain identity papers saying she is Tricksy Triv, change the ownership papers for the star ship, naming it The Dancing Star, and get set up in business as a smuggler, operating out of Tatooine. The first job that Jonos was able to set up for her was to take some blasters to the spaceport on Ord Mantell...