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Please Please Nerf Stealthers

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Please Please Nerf Stealthers

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01.11.2012 , 10:00 AM | #21
i can't wait to get home on my OP smuggler and 2 shot people, plus stun constantly on my virtually non existant non 1.5 minute cooldown.

seriously, why do you pvp in this (any) game if you're THIS bad? if you truly, honestly believe all the things you are crying about, you have to be level 10 and horrible (not to mention ignorant)

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01.11.2012 , 10:04 AM | #22
I've only had one issue with you sneak *bleepers* had a I dont even know what class Imperial is all I know. Popup stab me, I feel down... when I stood up he popped out stabbed me again and again I fell down. 4 times of this later I was dead. Kinda felt like I should have been in a one hole version of Whac-A-Mole lol. Annoyed me, but hey its the game, still got my points on.

Team work more than anything is needed in PvP from what I'm seeing. Everyone running around like a chicken with their heads cut off makes no sense. Oh the best the best though... 3 healers sitting beside ya watching you get your arse kicked and not one drops a heal because their too busy casting on themselves or some glowy crap like that lol.

Meh... it's a game. I still PvP, some times we win some times we don't. It's still fun
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01.11.2012 , 10:05 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by silvercgull View Post

But it is absolutey ridiculous how overpowered they are at the moment. Besides one or two shotting you and then three people to kill one, their stuns are absolute ridiculous, over and over while in stealth as if they have virtually have no cooldown between it being available again. I honestly will roll an operative if these classes are not fixed and I will be part of the %50 or what it seems to be the stealther population.

I know many enjoy the class but seriously, how many will keep logging in to get facerolled by a class that is overpopulated, overplayed and overpowered.
No is my vote.

I play a Smuggler>Scoundral>Scrapper spec right now though I actualy prefer Dirty Fighting.

Ok so I will point out a few things.

We have no knockback.
We have no way to stop runners.
We have a small damage shield and a 3 second 100% dodge skill.
We have 1 Stun and 2 Mezz each on their own timers.
If we Tranq dart you, it makes you immune to further CC.
We have a Ambush style attack that when talented gives it a 3 sec knockdown.
Our entire class design is to hit with that ambush, if we dont our damage is hurt.
Our Knockdown Ambush makes you immune to further CC.
We have to wait till level 40 to get access to our ability to do this.

Heres a link to the lvl 40 top tier talents that are actualy why we are doing so much damage.

Further complications, we are a melee class with positional attacks. We are suffering from the ability delay/lag in pvp as much as the other melees are maybe slightly more so.

Another note, at least on my Server Swiftsure. If we see another character of our class/talent build we will go out of our way to kill that person repeatedly. Ive played "Spy game" many times in warzones like this and had it happen to me many more.

Keep in mind that many of these players and other classes are abusing the benefits from Biochem right now in pvp for huge bonuses.
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