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Social item vendors

Izaharia's Avatar

01.10.2012 , 01:17 PM | #1
I recently saw a bounty hunter who had his companion Mako outfitted in the Lady of Pain outfit from the BH story Line. Is this item for sell on social items vendors? like slave girl outfit? and if so where can you find the items.

Can you only by certain items off of social vendors at certain planets?
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Wisz_Rethon's Avatar

01.11.2012 , 04:51 AM | #2
iirc it's either the security vendor or the collector edition vendor
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Iskevosi's Avatar

01.11.2012 , 05:56 AM | #3
I've found a number of different Social outfits from Vendors in the Cantina's. Of course you have to have the correct level of social, rank 3 in some cases.

CallumF's Avatar

01.11.2012 , 07:24 AM | #4
IIRC it was called something unexpected -- I think it was maybe the Imperial dancer's outfit on Drommund Kaas. Not sure whether it was the social vendor or the security key vendor though.