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HM Eternity vault w/ pvp gear?

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01.10.2012 , 09:19 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Van_Douche View Post
So I hear people are doing Hardmode Ev with get this....PVP gear...
I don't know if its true but i do know a guild on my server is 4/5 hardmode.
That didn't take long did it?
well done Bioware, you try to make a wow clone and biff it hard.I get enraged at some of your silly development decisions (instanced zones, lack of character diversity, no racials, no day/night cycle, lack of race diversity. No mods, no macro system. Lack of end game content. Illum is a joke.) Sadly this game imo will not make it past its first year. My prediction is free to play this time next year.
I just feel like im playing DC online universe again and that game was terrible.
I'll just consider this a Kotor 3 and be done with it.
Sounds like you want a WoW clone and now you're QQ'ing cuz this isn't WoW. Here's an idea, how about you s t f u and go play WoW...

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01.10.2012 , 09:47 PM | #12
What I'd like to see, for people not to use PvP gear for PvE, is to make the PvP stat, in this case expertise, more prominent in PvP, what I mean is reduce the amount of the general stats these are all stats except for endurance and expertise, and in turn increase the amount of expertise on the PvP gear.

This would make PvP gear much worse for PvE, but if done correctly wouldn't affect PvP at all.

The highest effect this would have is to stats other than stats that directly affect power increases, so stats like alacrity, crit, surge and whatever else might need to be worked on a bit more, on how you'd put it on the PvP gear, but for the other stats it wouldn't really affect anything, only difference that would make is to make PvP gear much much worse for PvE.