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LFG HMFP's Hedar Soongh

GoSuZeN's Avatar

01.10.2012 , 08:00 PM | #1
Hey Guys,

The title says it. I am a Jedi sentinel DPS lfg heroic flashpoints and raiding in the near term. I come from a top end WOW guild who still raids hardcore and we don't have enough members currently invested into SWTOR so I need to pug or raid consistently with new guilds and meet new friends. My wow achievements include heroic clearing of all content with hardcore guilds, good raid awareness and dps and in rts I am a masters ranked sc2 player and have been rank 1 in wc3 ladders also. I am looking for top players in Hedar Soongh to play with who need competent dps who can push numbers and already has had all of his keybinds memorized for 7 years. Please add Gosuzen in game and shoot me a PM to game! Thanks for reading hope the server can actually beat the empire in a freaking battleground at some point...